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How the South Dublin County Volunteer Centre Tripled Survey Response Rates

The Volunteer Centre’s mission is to promote the value of volunteer work and increase its range and quality in Ireland.

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The South Dublin County Volunteer Centre’s mission is to promote the value of volunteer work and increase its range and quality in Ireland. The volunteer centre’s role is to connect individuals with an organization that matches their job preferences. For example, if a volunteer is looking to work with animals, the centre will match that individual with an organization that handles animals. In turn, they hope to provide individuals with volunteer work they can be passionate about while giving other non-profit organizations the helping hand they need.

To monitor the effectiveness of their programs, the volunteer centre uses GetFeedback for Salesforce to keep a pulse on their volunteers and partners. Volunteers receive a Satisfaction Survey 6 weeks after they register on I-VOL, the national volunteer database, to ensure a positive experience. While partner organizations receive an Experience Survey to collect feedback on the process of volunteer recruitment. The centre now boasts a 97% overall satisfaction rate for their services. And with GetFeedback in the frontlines helping them take a constant pulse on their volunteers and partners, 100% is a stone’s throw away.

Moreover, the centre sends an annual survey to every volunteer to inquire about the effects volunteering has done for them. The results from the annual survey are incredible. For starters, three times more people took the surveys after switching their survey solution to GetFeedback, increasing the accuracy of their data. The results show 41% of volunteers saw an increase in their physical well-being, 62% saw an increase in their mental health, 71% became more confident in their abilities, and 59% felt an increase in employability. The figures strongly suggests the positive impacts volunteering has on individuals. This data was presented to their government and the proof of their success led to an increase in government funding. Today, the centre continues to match volunteers with accepting organizations.

No matter your interest, there’s a volunteer opportunity waiting.

We sat down with Tricia Nolan, Super Salesforce Administrator for I-VOL and Manager of the S.D.C. Volunteer Centre, and chatted how their surveys measure satisfaction amongst volunteers and partner organizations. We also learned how that feedback helped secure more funding for the organization.

Tricia Nolan, Super Salesforce Administrator and Manager, South Dublin County Volunteer Centre

Can you tell us about Volunteer Ireland and your role?I am the super administrator for the national volunteering database called I-VOL (the national volunteering database) and a manager at the South Dublin County Volunteer Centre. Our role is to match people who are interested in volunteering with community groups and organizations within our geographical agreement. For example, somebody could come to us and say they are interested in volunteering on a Friday and loves animals. We would look around and find a role to match them to that. That is our core work.

What are your use cases with GetFeedback?We use GetFeedback in 2 ways – to measure some KPIs and for national statistics. In the first instance, we automate a survey to every volunteer who registers on I-VOL 6 weeks after they register to get satisfaction levels. Our KPIs say we should have a 90% satisfaction level. So this has automated the process for us in generating these stats for individual boards of management and also our funders.

The volunteer centre pushes feedback data into Salesforce Dashboards and shares success metrics with key stakeholders

The seamless integration with Salesforce allowed us to have a rock solid surveying tool that was easy to map to Salesforce and use the data in our CRM. The information collected from our survey tells an accurate and compelling story about volunteering in Ireland.

So for us, the key was using GetFeedback.

What challenges were you hoping to overcome with GetFeedback?Our first challenge was how do we tell a story about volunteering in Ireland that we can stand over and know that we can validate the feedback. The other challenge was that we wanted something that was simple. A lot of survey tools out there are actually quite complex to use. Most of the people we were working with are small non-profit organizations or volunteers. So if you send them a survey that’s really complex and doesn’t look professional, they just don’t engage. For us, the fact that GetFeedback automatically resizes into mobile devices, iPad and phones, you know it was easy to take. You simply touch your screen and answer these questions. That was a big deal for us in terms of challenges.

Reach your audience on any device with GetFeedback’s mobile friendly surveys.

What made you choose GetFeedback and what successes have you seen since?It’s the integration with Salesforce. Feedback we received from our previous survey solution made no sense because we couldn’t validate some of the results that were coming back. For example, if a volunteer responded back negatively and said the centre never got in touch with them, we couldn’t verify it and we had to take their word. But if the responses were coming back into Salesforce, we can take a look at the history and say we phoned them twice and sent them text messages. For us, the big thing was that whatever survey tool we wanted to use had to be simple, clear, look professional and can talk back to Salesforce.

The big success for us was that we were able to get nearly 100% survey engagement with volunteers by using GetFeedback.

We showed our government funders how we’re integrating GetFeedback surveys into Salesforce and how we’re getting all these national volunteering statistics like satisfaction levels, improvement in mental health, growth in confidence and so on. Because of the fact that we’re able to show them the results of our work and the professionalism of how we’re doing it, they trust us. We said to them we want to do further development with Salesforce and GetFeedback and at the end, they gave us extra funding to do just that.

Any favorite features you like about GetFeedback?The look, feel, and ease of use are my favorite features about GetFeedback. You could build a survey in minutes and have it out to people quickly. 

What piece of advice do you have for someone who is looking to get their survey program off the ground?Use GetFeedback! Haha. Don’t be afraid of it and plan your survey out. I’ve told a lot of people about GetFeedback and they said it really is a worthwhile piece of surveying software. I’ve seen a lot of people who started using it, which is really interesting because I can tell a GetFeedback survey as opposed to other surveys out there. I’d say if you’re looking for something simple, professional, easy to use and gives you really good analytics and data, then GetFeedback is the way to go.

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Wrap-UpThe volunteer centre has been helping individuals hone employable skills, build confidence, and improve health for over a decade. And with the help of GetFeedback, they now have data that shows the positive impacts volunteering has on individuals. Automating surveys makes proving their claims easier, gaining trust from their government and securing more funds along the way. More importantly, they now have the data and credibility to say volunteering is good for you and the community.

Learn more about South Dublin County Volunteer Centre.

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