What’s New in GetFeedback Winter ’18

Want to spot trends in real time, boost survey response rates, and sync feedback to Salesforce with a single click? Check out GetFeedback Winter '18!


Keith Weissglass

November 1, 2017

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Last month, GetFeedback rolled out three big releases to help you supercharge your customer feedback program. If you want to spot customer experience trends in real time, boost survey response rates, and sync customer feedback to Salesforce with a single click, these new tools are for you.

Real-Time Text Analytics

The most valuable customer feedback often comes from open-ended comments. They can reveal what nothing else can: the questions you didn’t know to ask. But if you get hundreds or even thousands of survey responses, sifting through all the comments can be a huge time suck. That means critical issues often go unnoticed until it’s too late to reverse the damage.

We created GetFeedback Text Analytics to give you greater visibility into your open-ended feedback. Using sophisticated language algorithms, Text Analytics identifies which keywords are trending and determines the sentiment by analyzing the sentiment of each comment.

With Text Analytics, you can distill important take-aways from a huge volume of customer comments in real-time. This means your team can spot trends as they occur—and address issues before they turn into crises.

Text Analytics is now available as an add-on for GetFeedback for Salesforce CX and GetFeedback Corporate plans— please contact our Success team to request access.

Survey Text Analytics

Spot issues the moment they arise with real-time keyword and sentiment analysis

One-Touch Email Surveys

If you send a survey and no one takes it, did you really ask for feedback at all? Now that more than 50% of emails are opened on mobile phones, a bad survey invitation is a recipe for low response rates.

Unfortunately, most email automation systems make it difficult to design an engaging email without writing code. The result is often unfriendly emails (we’ve all seen them!) that deter your audience from responding.

With GetFeedback’s new One-Touch Email Surveys, anyone can create beautiful survey email templates in minutes. You can send awesome survey invitations from the email provider of your choice—including Salesforce.

One-Touch Email Surveys also allow you to embed a Net Promoter Score®, rating, or multiple choice question directly in your email. In our recent survey email experiment, this small change boosted response rates by a whopping 210%.

One-Touch Email Surveys are now available on GetFeedback for Salesforce CX and GetFeedback Corporate plans.

Survey Email Templates for Salesforce

Generate beautiful email templates with embedded survey questions—no coding required

Managed Mapping

GetFeedback for Salesforce customers love the flexibility of our Salesforce integration. Our Custom Mapping tool gives you precision control over where each survey response lives in Salesforce. But if you need to launch a survey in a hurry or you don’t have a full-time Salesforce admin, creating new custom fields and objects in Salesforce can be daunting.

We recently introduced Managed Mapping to help busy teams expedite the process. With Managed Mapping, you can start sending survey responses to Salesforce by flipping a single switch. Each answer is stored neatly in a small managed package. And for easy access, each response is automatically associated with any related Contacts, Cases, Accounts, and Opportunities.

Of course, companies that want complete control over where their feedback lives in Salesforce can continue to use Custom Mapping, or even combine both methods for maximum flexibility.

Managed Mapping is now available on GetFeedback for Salesforce CX plans.

Managed Mapping Example

Managed Mapping automatically saves and organizes new survey responses in Salesforce


Thank you for taking the time to learn about GetFeedback Winter ‘18! To learn how you add these new capabilities to your GetFeedback account, contact your Customer Success Manager or email our friendly Support team.

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