What’s New in GetFeedback Summer ’17

We've been hard at work on new features and updates to help you capture better feedback. GetFeedback Summer '17 is a roundup of our latest releases. Dig in!


Keith Weissglass

June 27, 2017

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Over the past few months, we’ve been hard at work on new features and updates to help you capture better feedback. GetFeedback Summer ’17 is a roundup of releases we’ve made over the past several months. Read on for a brief summary of each new capability in GetFeedback Summer ’17.

Get visual feedback

New Survey Builder Question Types: Sometimes all you need is a picture, not a thousand words. With the new Image Upload question type, you can capture visual feedback from customers to record product defects, verify field work, or document claims. Respondents can snap a photo with their phone or upload an image right from their desktop. And with Section Breaks, you can add info-only screens anywhere in your survey.

Use an Image Upload question to capture visual feedback, such as store inventory

Distribute surveys in new ways

Website Surveys: You can now add interactive survey widgets or lightboxes to your site to engage web visitors and guide them down the right path. Website Surveys help you collect feedback, capture leads, and create support cases without writing a single line of code.

Embedded Questions in Email: Boost response rates by making it easier for your customers to share feedback. You can now embed any multiple choice or rating question automatically in survey emails sent from GetFeedback.

Luxury airline company Surf Air uses Website Surveys to collects flyer feedback once a flight is completed

Analyze feedback and share insights with the team

Dashboard Filtering & Sharing: Improve visibility into customer feedback by giving individuals or teams a personalized GetFeedback dashboard that just includes the responses they need to see. With dashboard filtering and sharing, you can build a dashboard once, then create filtered views for each region, product, manager, or agent. You can also filter the summary report for an individual survey to quickly see results for a specific segment or demographic.

Dashboard Gauge Component: Keep an eye on KPIs like Net Promoter Score® with a performance gauge on your GetFeedback analytics dashboard. Set your own red/yellow/green thresholds to reflect your team’s targets.

Dashboard Text Analytics (BETA): Catch issues when they pop up and spot changes in customer sentiment with real-time text analytics. At a glance, discover the top words and phrases your customers are using… then monitor trending terms over time to reveal top needs. Text analytics is now in beta. We’ll share more details when it becomes generally available.

Filtered Dashboard

Give each agent, region, or team a filtered dashboard to view the feedback they need

Notify the right people about critical feedback

Custom Notification Emails: Alert your team about specific survey responses so they can take action. By setting up custom notification emails, you can trigger alerts based on a customer’s answer to any question, or based on your customer data (e.g. “Customer Tier = VIP”). Specify different recipients to route notifications to the right team member for speedier resolutions.

Set up Custom Notifications to alert your team about specific customer experiences

Get the most out of GetFeedback for Salesforce

GetFeedback for Salesforce Service Cloud: Measure and improve customer service across across every support channel. Use omnichannel surveys to collect case and agent feedback. Embed surveys inside any Knowledge base article or Community page to boost case deflection and get input from your most engaged customers.

GetFeedback for Salesforce Financial Services Cloud: Keep a pulse on client satisfaction after any interaction with agents or advisors. Tailor surveys to your needs or get started with industry-specific templates, then save feedback directly on the client’s record in Salesforce Financial Services Cloud.

Measure customer satisfaction in every channel with GetFeedback for Service Cloud


Thanks for taking the time to check out GetFeedback Summer ’17! For a refresher on all of GetFeedback’s capabilities, check out our Features page.

Availability notes:

  • Summary report filtering and sharing available on GetFeedback Professional, Enterprise, and GetFeedback for Salesforce plans.

  • Dashboard filtering & sharing and custom notification emails are available on GetFeedback Enterprise and GetFeedback for Salesforce plans.

  • Website surveys, GetFeedback for Salesforce Service Cloud, and GetFeedback for Salesforce Financial Services Cloud are available on select GetFeedback for Salesforce plans.

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