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Introducing GetFeedback for Field Service Lightning

GetFeedback turns Field Service Lightning into a more well-rounded solution by providing deeper visibility into the onsite service experience.

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Get visibility into the onsite service experience and take immediate action to improve your field service operations.

We’ve all experienced the dreaded four-hour window waiting for cable service installation. The appointment is set, the onsite technician is dispatched, but there’s no telling if or when he’ll arrive. Eventually he does, but it’s still a few more hours until the onsite service is complete. Needless to say, it isn’t always the best customer experience. 

What you may not know is managing a mobile workforce is no easy feat. It’s dynamic and complex with numerous moving parts. Without an automated management system—like Salesforce’s Field Service Lightning (FSL)—it’s a bit like herding cats. With FSL, you get the right tech to the right job at the right time. It helps you seamlessly coordinate all facets of your operation; like scheduling appointments, dispatching mobile workers, and tracking vehicles. There’s just one problem: how do you know how your customer perceives the onsite service once it’s complete? 

With GetFeedback, you can capture real-time customer feedback and deliver better onsite service experiences. Surveys can be distributed across any channel, like email or SMS, immediately after a work order is closed so your feedback program is instant and automated. The GetFeedback for Field Service Lightning integration gives you visibility into an onsite service visit so you can take quick action and improve your field service operations.

What are the benefits?

GetFeedback for Field Service Lightning allows you to:

1. Immediately follow up with a customer using GetFeedback Actions to turn a bad situation into something positive.2. Leverage custom thank you pages to prompt customers to leave positive reviews on top sites, like Yelp or Thumbtack.3. Use customer feedback to optimize the FSL routing engine, rewarding techs with the highest rated service and moderating techs in need of improvement.4. Tie customer feedback to the contact or account object in Salesforce to keep a record of their most recent experience.5. Influence organizational change to become more efficient, improve employee training, and build customer loyalty.

How does it work?

Setup is easy and you can map feedback data to any FSL object in just a few steps:

1. Connect your GetFeedback survey to your Salesforce org.2. Pull in customer data from Salesforce to personalize the survey experience.3. Use custom mappings to map your feedback data to any Salesforce object or field.4. Use workflows to send a survey across any channel when a work order is closed.5. Set up GetFeedback Actions to follow up with dissatisfied customers.

When should this feature be used?

Field Service Lightning is most commonly used for industries like public utilities and transportation, vending machine services, telecommunications, waste management, financial services, retail, professional services, manufacturing, and child care. With GetFeedback for Field Service Lightning, you can measure customer satisfaction at any touchpoint and in any scenario. 

Let’s revisit the example of cable installation. The onsite technician visits your home to install cable service. Once the job is complete, the technician closes the work order on his mobile device. This immediately sends a survey to the customer, which garners meaningful, top of mind feedback. If the customer did not have a pleasant experience, the support team will receive a notification to immediately follow up with the customer to course-correct.

GetFeedback takes Field Service Lightning even further by providing visibility into the onsite service experience. Take intelligent action with dissatisfied customers to help fight churn and leverage feedback data to inform organizational change, like optimizing field service operations and improving workforce performance. 

Ready to learn more about GetFeedback for Field Service Lightning? Check out the AppExchange or contact us for a quick demo.

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