GetFeedback and Salesforce, Better Together.

GetFeedback for Salesforce delivers an integrated offering that allows you to create branded, mobile-ready customers surveys.


Kraig Swensrud

February 5, 2014

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Customers First. That’s been the guiding principle behind our new integration with Salesforce, which lets you collect feedback from your customers, plug that feedback into Salesforce, and use what you learn to give your customers an even better experience.

Introducing GetFeedback for Salesforce

GetFeedback for Salesforce delivers an integrated offering that allows any company to create branded, mobile-ready customers surveys with GetFeedback that can be distributed to customers on smartphones, tablets and web browsers. Survey responses can be automatically associated with existing customer data in Salesforce, and individual customer responses can be segmented for deeper insight and action with Salesforce analytics.

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GetFeedback for Salesforce Service Cloud

Customer surveys are core to every support organization. Organizations of all sizes want to understand customer satisfaction scores, if issues are being resolved adequately and how likely customers are to promote a product to others. GetFeedback for Salesforce allows for the seamless integration between customer satisfaction surveys and the Service Cloud.

GetFeedback for Salesforce Sales Cloud

Sales representatives and sales managers have long needed to engage with customers to understand purchasing behavior, how they can effectively engage with customers over time and how their sales organization can stay on top of the competition. GetFeedback for Salesforce provides a powerful way for sales leaders to gain customer insight, directly from within the Sales Cloud.

GetFeedback for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Customer surveys are essential for marketing organizations looking to engage with new and existing clients. The best marketing departments have conversations with customers to learn about interests and develop new opportunities. Whether that is customer feedback about an event, a specific campaign, or a set of offers, GetFeedback allows companies to gather marketing feedback that leads to more engaged customers.

GetFeedback for Salesforce Chatter

Customer feedback needs to be shared with the right individuals in every organization, in real-time. If a customer responds to a survey noting a problem, the right employees need to be notified to resolve the issue. With GetFeedback for Salesforce, social collaboration tools like Chatter provide the ability to route survey responses and customer issues directly to the individuals who can best serve that customer.

GetFeedback for Salesforce Platform

It’s critical that customer surveys integrate deeply into every custom enterprise app. Many organizations leverage the Salesforce Platform to create custom apps for managing events, products and partners. GetFeedback for Salesforce allows customer feedback to integrate seamlessly into every native app running on the Salesforce Platform.

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The new capability is now available within every GetFeedback Plan, and we’re also live on the Salesforce AppExchange. Don’t hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions!

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