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Introducing GetFeedback Flow Templates

With GetFeedback Flow Templates, surveys can be embedded directly in Salesforce screen flows to provide an easy-to-use interface that simplifies data collection.

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Increase data quality, reduce clicks, and drive key business processes with CRM embedded surveys.

The term “garbage in, garbage out” is a concept that the quality of input data determines the quality of output data. In other words, what you put in is what you get out. Since data lies at the heart of your business, trusting faulty input data to influence critical business decisions is risky and can yield misleading results. In turn, this begs the question: what good is bad data?

To collect pertinent information, most companies rely on manual data entry. This is not only time-consuming but also creates a higher margin for error. A seemingly trivial mistake, like an extra space or punctuation mark, can actually skew your data substantially. This can have a serious impact on your business. In fact, companies lose almost 30% in revenue every year due to these inefficiencies.

So, how do you improve operational efficiency and reduce data errors? By replacing open text forms with structured surveys, businesses can guide employees through a standardized input process and remove factors that may cause errors.

That’s where GetFeedback comes in. In addition to providing a flexible customer feedback solution, GetFeedback now offers Flow Templates. This new feature can be coupled with Salesforce Flow Actions to power automated data entry. Simply put, users can embed GetFeedback surveys directly in Salesforce Flows to provide an easy-to-use interface that simplifies data collection from your teams. Using clicks instead of keystrokes, you can reduce input errors and garner higher quality data that improves business outcomes.

How do GetFeedback Flow Templates work?

Setup is easy and you can launch Flow Templates in just a few steps.

1. First, you’ll install the GetFeedback Flow Template from the AppExchange. This package contains the template needed to use GetFeedback with Flow Actions.

2. Once installed, add the GetFeedback component to your flow.

3. Then you’ll use GetFeedback to build your survey and map the responses to the custom or standard fields in Salesforce that will store the data. You can also set rules to create additional Salesforce records based on inputs as well.

4. Don’t forget to add variables to personalize the survey and/or branching logic to take end users down different paths based on previous inputs.

5. Then in Salesforce, add the unique GetFeedback survey ID to the Survey Token field on the GetFeedback component in your flow to specify which survey to load.   

6. Lastly, launch your Flow Action so your teams can start collecting data

When should this feature be used?

Let’s explore a few use cases to better understand when this functionality can be used.

Rapid Lead QualificationA Sales Representative completes a survey while he asks a prospect qualifying questions over the phone. Based on the inputs, the lead is automatically updated in Salesforce as unqualified or qualified. The qualified leads are then automatically cued up for an Account Executive to take next steps and move the leads down the sales funnel.

Field Sales Partner InterviewA Field Sales Representative visits a partner distribution facility to inquire about current inventory and whether there is interest in selling new product lines. If an upsell opportunity is identified, a Salesforce Opportunity is automatically generated with relevant details collected through the GetFeedback survey.     

Product RecommendationsA beauty consultant meets with a customer and uses a survey to learn more about her needs, like skin tone or hair type. Those results are automatically entered into Salesforce then the Einstein Product Recommendations Engine suggests matching products based on those inputs. The customer can instantly make a purchase on the consultant’s tablet with a credit card reader.

What are the benefits of this feature?

GetFeedback Flow Templates help you modernize your data collection process with surveys that are visually appealing and easy to use. Data is immediately captured in Salesforce so it’s instantly accessible and actionable. Plus, surveys can be updated directly in the GetFeedback app so zero coding changes are required. Use GetFeedback Flow Templates to reduce input errors and gather higher quality data so you can confidently make business decisions that matter.

Ready to learn more about GetFeedback Flow Templates? Check out the AppExchange and contact us for a quick demo.

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