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How Eargo Improved Survey Response Rates by 20%

Eargo's modern hearing aids help people experience the world more fully. Here's how the innovative company uses surveys to connect with its customers.

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Eargo is on a mission to help their clients hear life to the fullest. With their modern hearing aids, they’re working to reduce the cost of hearing health, overcome the stigma associated with behind-the-ear hearing aids, and remove barriers preventing individuals with hearing loss from seeking help.

People are catching on to the concept. Eargo recently closed a Series C funding round and was highlighted by Fast Company for its slick designs.

At the heart of the company’s mission is the customer—the person who uses Eargo’s aids to enhance their hearing and gain a better sense of their world. So, Eargo sought out a survey platform to gauge how customers are experiencing their hearing aids.

We sat down with Ardalan Zandian, Senior Online Marketing Manager, and discussed how Eargo has used surveys to help qualify new customers and measure sentiment for existing clients.

Ardy Zandian, Eargo

Ardalan Zandian, Sr. Online Marketing Manager, Eargo

Can you tell us a little about Eargo and its story?

At Eargo, we’re on a mission to empower customers to feel good and make hearing easy. We believe people shouldn’t feel that they need a hearing aid—they should want one.

Over 48 million Americans currently experience hearing loss and 80% of them do nothing about it. Their denial has many different shades, but more often than not it’s related to social stigma and cost. We want to change that… we stand united in our belief that people should be able to hear clearly without compromising their lifestyle, appearance, or finances.

Our team is made up of ENT surgeons, industry professionals, tech geeks, and dreamers working tirelessly to change hearing health every day. The world is full of great things to hear, and we’re committed to helping our customers hear as much as they can.

How do you use surveys at Eargo?

Eargo’s number one goal is to help people with mild to moderate, high-frequency hearing loss hear life to the fullest without the social stigma typically associated with traditional, behind-the-ear hearing aids. Our team is eager to learn more about how clients approach and use Eargo to further understand their unique needs and challenges.

We have a team of personal hearing guides and hearing health professionals who help clients acclimate to their new world of hearing when first wearing Eargo. Surveys are an essential tool for our team to learn from our customers.

We are currently using two GetFeedback surveys to learn more about our customers. Our User Experience Survey is automatically sent to customers 30 days after purchase via Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The survey helps us monitor key parts of the customer experience, like ease of use, places customers need help, overall value of our product, success of marketing materials, our onboarding process, and much more.

Eargo One-Touch Survey Email

One of the most important metrics we measure in this survey is Net Promoter Score®, a score that indicates how likely our customers are to recommend Eargo to a friend.

Eargo NPS

We recently added a question in our original NPS® survey that asks clients for permission to publish their comments. This idea helped us generate about 7 new reviews each week, which is helping us build trust with potential customers.

Our Personal Hearing Profile survey helps customers understand whether Eargo is right for their level of hearing loss. The survey takes prospective customers through a series of questions to help assess whether Eargo’s hearing aids would be a good fit, as our hearing aids were designed for mild to moderate, high-frequency hearing loss and are not well-suited for more severe to profound loss. We’re reconfiguring the current survey set up via GetFeedback’s website widget, so this survey will live on our main website instead of a landing page.

Eargo Website Surveys

What led you to GetFeedback?

Eargo turned to GetFeedback to create a customer-friendly NPS Survey and Personal Hearing Profile survey.

Before using GetFeedback, we used another NPS survey solution. This solution did not deeply integrate with Salesforce, so our team was unable to create reports and determine correlations between the happiness level of our customers and their usage behavior. We are using the Salesforce integration to map survey responses directly to Salesforce Accounts so that our personal hearing guides can track customer feedback right inside of Salesforce.

In addition to Salesforce, we also look at feedback data right inside of GetFeedback’s real-time dashboards. They have saved our team about 3 hours per week creating NPS reports. We recently implemented GetFeedback’s Text Analytics, which provides an organized, actionable, high-level view of customer sentiment and commentary. We can now spot trends across customer feedback and take immediate action to improve customer satisfaction.

Eargo Text Analytics Sentiment

Eargo is focused on developing our brand, and we have high expectations for our creative assets. Surveys need to make a great impression on customers while also reflecting the brand. We were searching for a survey solution that would allow us to create surveys that were not only well-branded but fun for our clients to complete, and GetFeedback exceeded our expectations.

Since implementing GetFeedback, we’ve seen massive improvements. We’ve seen a 20% increase in survey response rate, 25% increase in Net Promoter Score, and 230% increase in 5-star reviews.


Eargo is revolutionizing how people perceive hearing health. It’s a noble cause, and in order to do their best work, they need to know how their products are being received. That’s why their marketing team turns to surveys to qualify new leads and keep a pulse on how customers react to their comfortable, invisible hearing aids.

Eargo’s team was able to leverage GetFeedback’s features to improve their survey response rates and ultimately deliver a better customer experience to the people they serve. Check out Eargo’s full customer spotlight.

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