How to Drive Conversions with Pre-Sales Surveys

By asking personalized qualifying questions throughout the buyer journey, you can enhance your data and convert more leads. See how pre-sales surveys work.


Jana Barrett

August 10, 2018

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There’s no sweeter deal than a lead who’s ready to buy and just needs a bit of coaxing. But as any salesperson will tell you, hot leads like that are a rare find, not a reliable source of new business. In fact, they’re a lot harder to come by than most people (looking at you, marketers) tend to think.

According to Gleanster Research, only 25% of marketing leads are actually qualified enough to pass to sales, and 79% never become customers. Why the discrepancy?

For one, few businesses properly pre-qualify their leads, let alone nurture them, so by the time they reach sales, they’re far from ready to buy. Secondly, a ton of lead data is inaccurate, outdated, or incomplete because around 88% of people provide the wrong information when filling out forms.

The Cost of Bad Leads

When salespeople have to mine for quality leads and second-guess every “qualified” lead they’re passed, it directly impacts revenue. Instead of focusing their energy on qualified leads, they waste time cross-referencing data and hunting down details they should have been given from the get-go.

These broken processes create friction throughout the buyer experience, too. Actual hot leads may not get the attention they need because salespeople are wrapped up trying to manage a constant flow of bad leads.

How to Improve Lead Quality with Pre-Sales Surveys

Lead scoring is the perfect way to increase sales and marketing efficiency—yet only 21% of B2B marketers have actually established a lead scoring program. It’s probably clear by now: better lead qualification is the solution to bad leads. And adding more quality checks along the way is one of the simplest ways to start working toward synchronicity.

Pre-sales surveys help you do just that. By asking personalized qualifying questions throughout the buyer journey, you can capture more data (and fix inaccurate data) before leads reach your sales team. Here are a few ways you can integrate surveys into your pre-sales process.

1. Add website surveys to your top conversion pages

Surveys aren’t just for feedback. They can double as dynamic lead generation forms. Many businesses use GetFeedback website surveys to route visitors down the optimal conversion path based on their responses to a few simple questions, like, “Can we help you find something?” or “Would you like to learn more about X?”

You can even customize your website survey’s behavior, so it only appears according to specified criteria, like the amount of time someone spends on a page or how far down they scroll. For example, if someone spends a few minutes on your pricing page, you might ask them if they’d like to see a demo.

Better yet, when these simple website surveys are integrated with Salesforce, they can intelligently create new leads and update existing contacts, and even direct web visitors to the right knowledge base article, contact form, or conversion page—all with just a few questions.

Campaign Monitor pre-sales surveys - website survey

2. Weave surveys into your marketing nurtures

For marketing teams that use Pardot, we’ve created a smart integration to help you engage your prospects with beautiful, embedded email surveys. GetFeedback for Pardot makes it easy to collect prospect feedback through progressive profiling, then use that information to score leads more accurately.

Let’s say you’ve sent a prospect a few emails, an ebook, and an invitation to your next webinar, but they haven’t engaged. Instead of disqualifying a lead or just offloading them to sales with a “good luck,” you can use a quick email survey to ask them what kind of content they’re interested in, then adjust the nurture path as necessary.

GetFeedback for Pardot pre-sales surveys - Is this content relevant to you?

3. Refine your lead scoring process with pre-sales feedback

Finally, as data flows into from your pre-sales surveys, you can use that feedback to update lead scores and round out your lead profiles. That means instead of relying on hunches or incomplete data, you can score leads based on what they’ve told you themselves.

That information is as valuable to marketers as it is to salespeople. When you know more about a lead’s unique preferences and needs, the sales process becomes a whole lot easier. Plus, you eliminate a lot of the manual qualification and data entry that your team typically has to do.

GetFeedback for Pardot pre-sales surveys - lead scoring


Pre-sales surveys are a must for organizations looking to improve the sales cycle, create marketing content that resonates, and convert leads faster. Feedback arms you with powerful data that provides a clear picture of what your audience wants. And by collecting feedback earlier in the buyer journey, marketers can enrich their lead data and create personalized paths to purchase.

Want to learn more? Contact us today to see how GetFeedback for Pardot can help accelerate your business.

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