Creating Multi-Language Surveys

New capability of GetFeedback: create multi-language surveys with full translation of the interface for your survey recipients.


Kraig Swensrud

June 4, 2014

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Towards the beginning of the year, I was talking to a major European company who asked a very logical, but rather advanced question. He stated “I have customers that speak 8 different languages, and I keep their language setting stored in Salesforce, so how can I trigger a customer satisfaction survey to them that provides the entire interface in their language of choice?”

That conversation was the impetus for us to create options for multi-language surveys, which was released earlier this year.

Now, as the world comes together to kick off the greatest sporting event of 2014, we figured it would be a great time to touch on this new capability of GetFeedback, multi-language surveys with full translation of the interface for your survey recipients.

Multi-Language Surveys

multi-language surveys

How does it work?

To begin, simply use the GetFeedback survey builder to create a survey in your language of choice. The product has been fully internationalized, which means you can create a survey in any language. Just use your local keyboard and type your survey title page, questions, answers, and thank you page in your local language. We’ll handle any language specific characters without a problem.

multiple languages in a survey

While GetFeedback allows you to create a survey in any language, please note that we do not automatically translate your survey into multiple languages. You can choose to use language translation services like Google Translate to help you, but even when using those services something tends to get lost in translation.

So if you’re creating a survey that needs to be distributed in multiple languages, you’ll need to create multiple surveys—one in each language—and have someone (like a 3rd party translation service) help with the translation.

Now, the catch. When you distribute a survey to your intended recipients, there are multiple elements in the survey interface that are hard-coded. For example, the progress bar at the bottom of the screen notes that you’re on question “5 of 10” or the help text on a multi-select question says “select as many options as you’d like.”

To also customize the language of all of those hard coded elements simply navigate to Survey > Share and you will see a set language setting “Show labels and help text to recipients in” with the following options:

survey language settings

Current language support

Currently, GetFeedback support includes the following languages:

Don’t see your language of choice in the selection box? We’d love to hear from you and talk through your use case. We’d be happy to add other languages if we hear more than a few requests to add them. Just beware, we might ask you to help validate our translations 😉

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