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Introducing Automated Email

With Automated Email you can create engaging one-touch email surveys that are sent directly at specific points in the customer journey.

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An easy way to email survey invitations immediately after customer interactions

Today, we’re excited to announce Automated Email. This feature helps companies automatically email personalized, engaging survey invitations directly from GetFeedback right after specified customer interactions in Salesforce.

Setup is easy and you get a real-time pulse on what your customers are thinking. Plus, email reporting lives alongside survey data within GetFeedback so you can spend less time piecing together data in spreadsheets and more time listening to your customers.

Email is a tried-and-true channel for survey distribution. In fact, 72% of people prefer to receive promotional content via email. But figuring out how to build, automate, deliver, and report on email survey invitations can be complex.

That’s why we built Automated Email. With this new feature, you can create engaging one-touch emails that are sent directly from GetFeedback at specific points in the customer journey.

With our tight Salesforce integration, you can leverage useful customer data to make your Automated Emails even smarter:

  • Send surveys based on events in Salesforce, like when a case is closed, or an account reaches a certain milestone.

  • Personalize emails with customer data such as contact name or case owner.

  • Map feedback data where you need it to be in Salesforce so results are actionable.

This new feature helps companies simplify workflows to do more inside of GetFeedback, so you can really master email as a survey distribution channel. You can set up email invitations and reminder emails, then report on survey and email performance, all within GetFeedback.

So how does it work?

Step 1: Build your one-touch email

Embed your survey question right in your email and personalize content with data from Salesforce. This gives you an engaging survey invitation that makes it super easy for your customers to give feedback right from their inbox. In our tests, using one-touch email more than doubles response rates.

Step 2: Create a workflow

Set up a workflow in Salesforce to identify which event will automate your email send, like a case being closed or an opportunity being lost. When the event occurs, Salesforce will send a message to GetFeedback and GetFeedback will immediately send your email, all in a snap. You can also set up reminder emails in GetFeedback to nudge customers to complete your survey after a certain amount of time has passed since the initial automated email was sent.

Step 3: Analyze your results

Because you’re building surveys and sending emails all within GetFeedback, you now have a better view into email as a survey distribution channel. You can report on email open rates, click through rates, and survey responses all in one place.

For a full walkthrough on how to set up Automated Email, check out our help documentation.

Because GetFeedback is designed to be flexible, we offer other ways to distribute one-touch emails as well. You can easily export one-touch HTML templates to Pardot or another preferred external email service provider, or export VisualForce code into Salesforce email templates. Whatever your email approach is, we’ve got you covered.

We want to make it easy to listen to your customers on the channels that work for them, so email is just one of the many survey distribution channels we offer. Whether you’re interacting with customers in a Salesforce Chat window, on your mobile app, or in your community, GetFeedback makes it easy to survey your customers wherever they are. 

To get started with Automated Email, contact us for a demo and pricing. Want to learn more? Check out our guide Mastering Email Surveys from Beginning to Send.

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