3 Reasons to Store Feedback on the Customer Record

With survey results in Salesforce, you gain the context you need to make smarter business decisions. See why feedback belongs on the customer record.


Jana Barrett

August 18, 2018

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Are you getting the most out of the customer feedback you’re collecting? If your survey results are collecting dust in a spreadsheet, then probably not. The best way to drive immediate results with customer feedback is to integrate it with Salesforce, your source of truth for all things customer experience.

With survey results on the Salesforce customer record, you can view feedback alongside the rest of your customer data. This adds layers of context that help you make better decisions for your business.

Here are some of the awesome things you can do when you combine the power of GetFeedback and Salesforce.

1. Identify trends throughout the customer journey

Justifying customer experience initiatives can be challenging. But by leveraging feedback within Salesforce, you can actually see the impact each customer interaction makes on your bottom line.

For instance, you can segment survey results by customer lifetime value to see feedback from high-paying customers. From there, you can hone in on the experiences that are driving the most revenue for your business.

Let’s say you send an Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) survey to your customers at key milestones, like when they first sign up for your service and then six months later. If customers tend to give you lower Net Promoter Scores at the six-month mark, then you can dig deeper to discover why fall-off is happening there.

You can also segment customer feedback in Salesforce to understand why specific customers are happy or unhappy. You might compare customers by region, product, plan, or service level to uncover trends and develop smarter strategies for engaging them.

Salesforce Client Record

2. Close the feedback loop with follow-up workflows

When customers are upset, they want answers fast. With feedback tied to a customer record, you can automate the feedback loop so issues are resolved promptly and effectively.

With the case-closed survey workflow, you can distribute surveys automatically after support cases are resolved. That way, the customer receives a survey at precisely the right moment. Plus, you can personalize your survey questions based on information from their case.

If a customer gives you a bad rating, you can build a workflow that alerts the right team members immediately. Or, you can even re-open the case automatically to give the agent an opportunity to repair the situation.

Through automation, every interaction with customers is tracked and managed. Your company has the power to design the workflow to best suit your needs and the needs of customers.

Set up survey alerts with a Salesforce workflow

3. Increase transparency and simplify reporting

Just giving your organization greater access to customer feedback can inspire more customer-centricity. Sales reps can see data on customer painpoints and address them in their pitch. The marketing team can easily identify potential brand promoters and customer success stories. And support can streamline its case-handling processes based on continuous feedback.

It’s rare that everyone inside an organization has access to this kind of data. Often, Net Promoter Score and customer satisfaction ratings are buried on an office desktop somewhere. But when customer feedback is synced to an individual customer record, that data becomes truly actionable.

Reporting on customer experience is simpler too. You can create a specialized dashboard to monitor the feedback you care about most and share it with stakeholders. Now, everyone’s finger is on the pulse of your customers, and they’ll be better for it.

Salesforce Customer Experience Dashboard


Salesforce and GetFeedback make the perfect team for any company looking to do more than run reports and sift through survey data passively. You can provide better customer service, make more customer-centric decisions, and see how your efforts drive revenue every day. It all starts with the right integration.

Get the most value out of your Salesforce investment. Contact us to learn more today.

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