What CX Ambassador Shivam Shah Has Learned From COVID-19


Shivam Shah

September 25, 2020

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Editor’s Note: This month’s GetFeedback CX Ambassador is Shivam Shah, the customer experience operations manager at Vena. In this byline, he shares new learnings on how to run CX during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

In a short period of time, the COVID-19 pandemic has overwhelmed businesses and people around the world. Although the pandemic has resulted in challenging times for businesses, it is driving stronger customer experiences (CX)

For companies and the customer experience teams that serve them, it has forced a rethinking of what customer trust and customer-centricity means. Businesses are focusing on the experiences their clients expect while accelerating product innovation to adapt to customer needs.

People remember the interactions they’ve had with a company based on their emotions of how they felt. Experiences are memorable, both positive and negative, due to intensity. So you can imagine how this pandemic has heightened the importance of positive interactions. 

The pandemic has thrown the spotlight on the human side of business-to-business (B2B) customer experience. If you meet your customers’ needs in this moment of heightened vulnerability and go the extra mile (such as extended payment terms, provide temporary relief, additional non-monetary concessions) the emotional nature of the action can generate a wealth of positive brand affinity that will endure long after the current COVID-19 passes. At Vena, we were quick to provide our frontline customer teams with 20+ plays that helped our costumes during the difficult times. Even after these uncertain times, these customer plays will continue to have a significant role. 

Businesses that quickly enact to provide customers the flexibility and support they require to get through the challenging times, will have higher retention and stronger customer loyalty. 

In the new normal, companies will need to be more proactive and agile in order to provide successful customer experiences where customers expect a partner, not a vendor. 

Now is the time for customer experience teams to invest in the data, technology, and systems required to deliver those exceptional experiences. Businesses need to be able to understand customers better, earlier, and faster in order to be the next customer-experience leaders. 

Data is a two-way journey: you need to collect data and feedback from customers as well as share the results with customers to help define and support your decisions. 

It's important to recognize that data-driven decisions can only be effective when you ask the right questions, digging further to analyze, and produce actionable results. Voice of the Customer programs and customer communities will play a pivotal part in ensuring your customers feel engaged not only with your company but also like-minded professionals in the ever so evolving remote world. 

With a Voice of the Customer program already in place, we were able to analyze our customer sentiment and provide offerings and services that were tailored to their needs during the difficult times. The one thing we are constantly hearing from our customers is the need for a community where they can share ideas and understand how similar companies are performing or adapting the constantly changing business environment. 

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About Our Guest Author 

Shivam Shah has been at Vena since 2017 and has spent most of his career in the SaaS industry-leading and bringing operational excellence. He is the pillar for cross-collaboration across the CXS function working with teams such as, Customer Success, Sales, Marketing, and Product to ensure the Customer Experience remains consistent while focusing on the tools and strategy to scale and support the growth of the business. At Vena, he's helped transform the company from an early stage start-up into a hyper-growth company. Learn more about Vena.

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