New and Improved! GetFeedback Survey Templates

GetFeedback provides pre-built survey templates for every stage of the customer journey so you can successfully create surveys with ease.


Crystal Reitmeir

January 29, 2019

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New Pre-Built Survey Templates by GetFeedback

We’re excited to release our new and improved in-app survey templates. Rather than starting from scratch, GetFeedback provides pre-built templates for every stage of the customer journey so you can successfully create surveys with ease.

They say that motor oil is lifeblood for a car. It travels through all parts of your engine, keeping each component greased so it can function properly. Customer feedback is like motor oil. It passes through your entire organization, highlighting what you’re doing well and what needs repairing. With these insights, your teams can continuously improve and do their jobs more effectively; becoming a “well-oiled machine.”

But collecting feedback at arbitrary intervals without planned action isn’t going to get you very far. You need to be strategic and proactive to truly make an impact. This allows you to make informed decisions that drive continued success for your business. Plus, your customers feel valued because their voices are being heard.

At GetFeedback, we believe every interaction is a chance to collect customer feedback. In turn, this gives you a holistic view of the customer experience across all areas within your organization…

    • Marketing: leverage surveys to better understand your target audience and nurture them through the customer journey.

    • Sales: use survey feedback to enhance the purchase experience and bolster salesperson skills.

    • Success: periodically send surveys throughout the customer lifecycle to improve onboarding and customer health.

    • Service: surveys help measure customer satisfaction and identify ways to improve your support systems.

    • Product: improve product features and inform your product roadmap with customer feedback data.

    • Employees: use surveys to keep a pulse on employee happiness and learn how to improve employee culture.

Companies that leverage feedback can bolster customer satisfaction and nurture customer loyalty, which is imperative for business growth. In fact, research shows that highly-engaged customers buy 90% more often and spend 60% more per transaction.

While it’s clear that collecting feedback is critical, designing your survey isn’t always so simple. It’s difficult to know which questions should be asked, when they should be presented, and how they should be phrased. The visual appeal of your survey is equally important as it sends a succinct message about your brand and influences response rates. Combined, these factors can have a significant impact on your feedback data. Cue the panic!

How can I access the templates?

To access the templates, simply log in to the GetFeedback Survey Builder and navigate to the “Use a Template” feature. 

Then select a template category…

…and comb through the options to find the template that best fits your needs.

Check out our Knowledge Base article to learn more. If you’re not currently a customer, feel free to contact us for a demo and pricing.

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