Survey at Scale with Multi-Language and Draft Mode

Feedback is a gold mine for businesses. Learn how to scale your survey program and maximize your insights with Multi-Language and Draft Mode.


Jana Barrett

June 27, 2018

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Feedback is a gold mine for businesses, but sending surveys and analyzing the results takes time. How do you keep up with a constant flow of new data and insights without losing sight of your goals?

With GetFeedback, you can tap into the minds of employees, prospects, customers, and partners—all though a single, powerful platform. And today, we’ve added two more features to help you streamline survey development: Multi-Language Surveys and Draft Mode.

Reach global audiences with Multi-Language Surveys

Translating surveys manually can be clunky and time-consuming. But with our new Multi-Language feature, you can now send local language surveys and boost response rates from international audiences.

GetFeedback detects your respondents’ language preferences and delivers surveys in their native language. Default text on buttons and descriptions is translated automatically, while you accommodate contextual nuances by translating custom survey content manually.

Optimize the survey review cycle with Draft Mode

You now have the option to build or edit surveys in Draft Mode prior to distribution. Draft Mode allows your team (and the brand police!) to review and test surveys before deployment to make sure they’re clean and on brand. Likewise, you can double-check data mappings within Salesforce to avoid costly mistakes when capturing customer information.

multi-language surveys - GetFeedback builder

Integrate feedback across multiple Salesforce orgs

When you map survey results from GetFeedback to Salesforce, you can rest assured your customer data remains protected. by enforcing when and how users impact data in each Salesforce org.

Our sophisticated infrastructure management capabilities work in conjunction with Multi-Language Surveys and Draft Mode so that global programs are deployed seamlessly. Your team admin can easily set up Salesforce connections and configure users’ ability to access specific Salesforce connections. At the same time, individual survey owners still have the flexibility to choose which Salesforce org to map their draft and production survey results into.

GetFeedback admin controls

Take advantage of these features today

Multi-Language Surveys and Draft Mode are now available on GetFeedback Corporate and GetFeedback for Salesforce Commercial and Premier at no additional cost. To enable them, simply send a request to

Not on these versions? Contact us to discuss your upgrade options!

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