Enrich Your Omnichannel CX Plan With Social Media

When you’re running a business or you’re a part of a company, you need to be aware of the importance


James Daily

March 4, 2019

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When you’re running a business or you’re a part of a company, you need to be aware of the importance of the omnichannel customer experience (CX). This means, knowing what your customers want, how they feel, and providing them with the best possible experience with your brand or company.

Customer experience techniques and strategies have evolved over time, making it possible for everyone to improve their customers’ overall experience. Omnichannel customer experience is no exception.

So, what is an omnichannel customer experience (CX) program?

An omnichannel customer experience program connects all the channels that a customer may use to receive customers service: email, chat, phone call, social media, text etc. It gathers the data and information about all the interactions of one customer since day one and manages to apply it to a long-term relationship.

Omnichannel CX and social media

For example, if a customer sends an email about a certain problem and months later calls about a different one, the customer service agent using the omnichannel CX should be able to pull out data of the previous interaction and have a broader context about the customer in question. Similarly, if a customer switches channels when reporting the same problem, he or she won’t need to repeat it.

A survey by Aberdeen shows that companies using omnichannel have a 7.6 times greater annual increase in customer retention that those who don’t and improve customer satisfaction rates by 55% comparatively to others.  It’s obvious that omnichannel customer experience can benefit you and your customers on multiple levels.

Social media plays a key role in your omnichannel CX plan

With almost 3 billion social media users worldwide, which is 40% of the entire planet, social media has become one of the key features for improving and developing a business. Veronica Wright, CEO at Resumescentre claims that social media is “an inevitable part of building a brand, advertising, content marketing strategies as well as customer service experiences.”

But, why is social media so important for a business? And what makes it an integral part of every company’s omnichannel CX?

The following are 4 reasons why social media should be part of your customer experience program.

Content sharing

Social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, allow us to share our content with current and potential customers with no limitations.

social media omnichannel cx

Sharing your content with your customers is important because it helps you:

  • inform them

  • have them engage

  • improve customer retention

  • build strong bonds with them

Christopher K. Mercer, digital entrepreneur and founder of Citatior, says:

By sharing your content with your customers on a daily basis, you’re making sure they stay reminded of who you are and what you do.

Free posting

Another fantastic feature of social media is that the platforms are completely free. It’s a form of free advertisement that you definitely need to use and make the best out of it.

Therefore, you can use social media to:

  • post images

  • post video

  • call to action

  • share events

  • share news

Customer interaction

According to Forbes, “positive social interactions with customers can help businesses win loyalty and drive business success.” And social media makes the whole process easier than ever.

Social media allows your customers to leave comments, to like and to share your content letting you know what they do and don’t like.

In addition, they can send messages directly to your inbox, asking questions and looking for answers.

You can be connected to anyone anywhere at any moment using social media.

omnichannel cx social media plan 2

Social media has the power to help you build your brand and ensure your customers can reach you at any point. Taking into consideration the number of social media users and the simplicity of use, it simply has to be a part of your omnichannel CX.

Ease of connectivity 

Social media is the perfect platform for your customers to seek advice or help, because of the following:

  • they use social media regularly, on a daily basis, and feel it’s a comfortable field for them

  • it’s easy to navigate, especially for those using a mobile phone

  • they have instant insight into your response

  • it’s fast and free of charge

As you can see, social media isn’t suitable just for you as the one giving services. It’s perfect for those who receive them, as well.

Additional requirements 

Although social media accounts and social media customer service seem to be fairly easy to build and maintain, there is still a certain amount of effort you need to invest in making them shine.

It’s not enough for you to post nice pictures or be quick when writing responses. You need to take of other details:

  • Accuracy: You can’t allow for any spelling or grammar mistakes to appear in any of your written content. You can use tools like Essay Supply or Grammarly to help you proofread the text.

  • Professionalism: Everything you write, post, publish or send to a customer needs to be professionally written. Check out services like Freelancer or Flashessay.com in case you need a hand in writing or editing your content.

Social media for your omnichannel CX plan

If you’re intending in building a strong omnichannel customer experience (CX), or you want to improve your existing one, social media is definitely the way to go. Without it, you can’t expect any serious progress.

Make sure to give your customers a chance to speak their mind and report a problem any way they want to. Use social media for your benefit and make the most out of it.

About the guest author

James Daily, content marketing writer 

James Daily is a seasoned content marketing writer who also consults with businesses on customer relationship strategies. He is also a frequent contributor to blogs that relate to content development, social media marketing, and spreading brand awareness.

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