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GetFeedback announces new AI-powered insights, listening, and automation capabilities

New capabilities to accelerate and scale your CX program.

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By Craig Shull, SVP and General Manager, GetFeedback 

Legacy approaches to customer experience (CX) solutions—complex systems with long implementation timelines—have proven disadvantageous to the vast majority of organizations that need to pivot quickly to meet evolving customer expectations. 

This is especially true for underfunded and understaffed organizations that cannot rely on expensive vendors or consultants to update their CX tools for every new initiative. Instead, they need a solution that is fast to implement and easy to modify without external support. 

At GetFeedback, helping you accelerate your CX program through agile solutions remains our top priority. Today, we’re excited to announce multiple new capabilities to enhance agility and empower you to scale and mature your customer experience efforts. This includes new intuitive access to multi-channel insights, guided NPS® programs, new artificial intelligence (AI) to understand customer data at scale, and the ability to collect feedback where before you couldn’t, like ATMs and high-security websites.

Insights - get a holistic view of multi-channel feedback

With Insights, you now have a more holistic view of multi-channel customer feedback from aggregate trends to individual responses.

To take strategic action and drive significant change, a holistic view of customer feedback must be easily accessible across the organization. This means collecting feedback from multiple touchpoints to identify key trends and insights, without delays and dependencies on experts rarely accessible even to well-funded CX programs. And broadly communicating your findings in a clear, easy-to-understand manner that drives awareness and accountability across all parts of the organization.

GetFeedback Insights enables you to understand customer trends across all channels for a complete picture of key customer experience metrics, like Net Promoter Score® (NPS®), Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), and Customer Effort Score (CES)

Insights with Response Explorer@2x

Image: Insights with Response Explorer

Insights helps you understand the why behind these trends with easy filtering and relevant open-text responses alongside your key findings through the Response Explorer. 

The Response Explorer shows you relevant open-text responses, quick visual displays (e.g. sentiment, NPS score, like/dislike), and features technical and business metadata about the respondent so you can put individual feedback in context.

Insights with Response Explorer is available today. 

Text Insights - quickly understand volumes of open-text feedback

Text Insights enables you to quickly uncover meaningful insights from volumes of open-text feedback so you know where to take action. 

The more organizations advance in their CX programs, the harder it is to keep up with reviewing open-text feedback for sentiment and trends. That’s why, we’re making it easier than ever to analyze open-text feedback with Text Insights, which offers multilingual Sentiment Analysis and Top Key Phrases. 

With just minutes to set up, and no training required, Sentiment Analysis and Key Phrases solve the high-volume, open-text feedback analysis problem by enabling humans and artificial intelligence (AI) to work together to better understand customer feedback at scale. 

Sentiment Analysis 01@2x

Image: Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis, powered by SurveyMonkey’s highly accurate machine learning (ML) model, provides a fast, visual way to understand emotions of open-text customer feedback in 10 languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, and Finnish.  

Showing a distribution of positive, neutral, and negative responses to one or multiple questions, Sentiment Analysis allows you to quickly understand how your customers feel about a particular interaction, so you can act fast. You can also dive deep into any sentiment type and assess each individual, related response for more context behind the emotion. 

Top Key Phrases provides a fast, visual method to identify within open-text feedback the areas across the customer journey and specific customer segments that need immediate attention. 

Sentiment Analysis and Top Key Phrases are planned for limited availability by the end of October 2021. 

NPS Sequencer - easily launch recurring programs at scale

NPS Sequencer allows you to quickly launch and manage relational NPS programs at scale.

Net Promoter Score is one of the most popular customer experience metrics, especially for those who are just starting their CX program. However, as organizations expand their NPS efforts to address different segments, product lines, and geographies, they find it more and more difficult to manage multiple recurring programs.  

Whether you’re just getting started, or are expanding your CX program, The NPS Sequencer will guide you through best practices to launch and manage multiple Net Promoter Score programs (and other recurring surveys, like CSAT and CES) to a large customer base. 

NPS Sequencer@1x

Image: NPS Sequencer

It offers step-by-step instructions and templates for painless program creation, configurable frequency and batch sending for better response rates. It also has powerful analysis tools—such as key drivers and cross tabs—and shareable dashboards to easily understand and distribute feedback across your organization.

With NPS Sequencer, you’ll spend less time managing bulk survey outreach and feedback aggregation, and more time on acting on insight. 

NPS Sequencer will be available by the end of November 2021. 

Automations and Webhooks - integrate feedback across your tech stack

Automations and Webhooks enable you to integrate all customer feedback across your tech stack and drive real-time actions at scale.

Automations is an easy, yet powerful tool for pushing customer feedback into other apps and triggering real-time action. Whether you want to alert specific teams of a low CSAT score, push response data into analysis tools, or create tickets in a support system, Automations will make this faster and easier for you. 

Automations v2@1x

Image: Automations 

Conditional logic allows you to define specific triggers based on surveys, questions, and response values. It also enables you to simply push all new feedback and associated metadata, like site visitor information, to your tech stack. 

New CX programs might want to get started quickly by using email Automations, whereas for more advanced teams, Automations supports Webhooks as a method for integrating data across your tech stack via real-time, secure push over HTTPS. 

Not familiar with Webhooks? They are similar to an API, but much simpler. Webhooks push new data automatically to another application or integration tool like Zapier, which is integrated with thousands of apps. 

Automations and Webhooks are available today. 

Slack Integration - streamline feedback response and follow up

Our new Slack Integration lets you streamline responses to customer feedback with the right people and teams across your organization.

So much of CX success depends on facilitating feedback awareness and follow-up in critical workplace platforms, like Slack. Whether you need to inform Account teams of a bad experience by a high-value client, inform Marketing of a new Promoter for a case study, or share an issue with the Product team, delivering feedback that meets specific conditions to the right channel is a powerful way to enable success. 

Slack v2@1x

Image: New Slack integration

The new Slack Integration is built on top of Automations to push all your customer feedback data (and relevant metadata) based on conditional logic to the designated Slack channel. 

It’s a simple, powerful step-by-step set up that will appeal to both resource-strapped teams starting out as well as well-established CX teams. 

Slack Integration is available today. 

Embedded Listener - collect feedback anywhere, securely 

The Embedded Listener let’s you capture feedback from any touchpoint while adhering to strict security and brand guideline standards.

How do you collect digital feedback in offline or restricted environments like ATM and secure banking websites, or car and airplane consoles? 

Many critical touchpoints on the customer journey happen outside of the familiar desktop and mobile devices, creating customer experience blindspots.   

Embedded Listener removes feedback blindspots in restricted, novel, offline, and strict brand environments. Developers and system integrators can integrate this easy-to-use API in applications and devices, and you will maintain exclusive control over security, user experience, and branding. 

Embedded Listener@1x

Image: Embedded Listener

We are currently in the Early Access Program (EAP) for the Embedded Listener, working with large banks to collect feedback in secure sites and ATMs, as well as with a luxury car company, a globally-recognized telecom provider, and a number of smart TV developers. 

Digital transformation is rapidly accelerating and many CX programs struggle to keep up. Embedded Listener will make it easier to remain agile by removing blindspots in previously unavailable environments.

The Embedded Listener will be available by the end of November 2021.


With customer expectations continuing to evolve, it’s more important than ever that your CX solution is designed to keep up, whether you’re a team of one or of many. 

At GetFeedback, we’ll continue to prioritize the agility and scalability of your CX program, so you can listen anywhere, uncover insights in multi-channel data, and integrate feedback into your tech stack and collective action. 

To learn more, register for our upcoming webinar on May 20, 2021, at 10 a.m. Pacific.

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