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Lippert Components fueled innovations using GetFeedback

After implementing GetFeedback, Lippert improved its customer experiences within a matter of weeks of receiving customer insights. It also built a community of brand advocates that provided feedback and shared new product and service ideas.

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Lippert Components is a leading business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) supplier to the RV, marine, and manufactured housing industries. It produces products from axles and chassis to windows, doors, furniture, electronics, and even connected Internet of Things (IoT) products. Lippert Components is now looking to tap growth opportunities in the B2C sector by focusing on improving the end-to-end customer service experience for its users.

After implementing GetFeedback, Lippert improved its customer experiences within a matter of weeks of receiving customer insights. It also built a community of brand advocates that provided feedback and gave Lippert ideas on ten new products and three new services. 

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The challenges of investing without customer data

Lippert was closing more than 22,000 support cases per month, but it had very limited visibility on how the interactions impacted its customers or its business. The company invested time and effort into its customer service resources but couldn’t measure the impact it made.

Moreover, only a small group of customers voluntarily provided product feedback and ideas. This left many customers unheard and the product team struggled to act in the interest of the entire customer base.

In the absence of any real-time feedback, decision makers were forced to go with their gut feeling, often investing time in decisions that couldn’t be backed up with data. 

Capture actionable feedback for a world-class customer experience

Lippert chose GetFeedback for its ability to collect real-time, actionable feedback while also seamlessly integrating with Salesforce, its customer relationship management (CRM) platform. 

By integrating GetFeedback with Salesforce, Lippert can get the most benefits from its surveys, including:

  • Personalization based on account history.

  • Increased survey engagement by embedding surveys directly into emails.

  • Analyzing feedback directly within Salesforce using the Einstein analytics platform.

Through GetFeedback, Lippert began to survey its customers after every support interaction and could pinpoint in exact areas that needed improvement while it also measured the impacts on the changes that were made. For the first time, Lippert had actionable data it could trust. 

Implementing GetFeedback shifted the way the company looked at the customer experience. Leadership realized that it’s not just the customer service team who needed to create a good customer experience—the product team played a part too. 

To Lippert, the customer journey starts from the first interaction with a Lippert team member and carries through every step of the relationship; from product offerings, product quality, the ordering process, shipping times, the online experience, and the direct interaction between service and customer. It all made a difference in the customer experience.

Lippert mobile pic 1

Measuring Customer Effort Score helps Lippert deliver a high-quality support experience to its customers.  

Building a community of brand evangelists 

One of Lippert’s biggest success stories from implementing GetFeedback is the development of the Scouts program. 

Lippert was keen to understand how RV campers interacted with its products in order to continue innovation. Initial feedback data showed that customers wanted a community where they could learn and help them maximize their camping and RV lifestyles.

As a response to the feedback, Lippert launched the Scouts program, a community that offers education about products, camping, and RV tips and tricks. In return, customers can provide direct feedback on early features, act as brand evangelists, and grow an engaged community of super users.

Lippert desktop pic 2

The Lippert Scout program uses GetFeedback to meet customer expectations and deepen relationships.

The results from taking action on customer feedback

  • Real-time feedback allows Lippert to stay agile and improve customer experiences within weeks.

  • The community of nearly 1,000 members provide in-depth feedback on products and services, while also sharing the word about Lippert through their social platforms.

  • The company saw the highest recorded sales of all time from a B2C sales channel after the launch of its Scouts program. 

  • Customer feedback is improving digital and non-digital products across the house of brands. 

  • Within the first three months of receiving feedback from its Scouts, Lippert gained ten new product ideas, three new service ideas under development from customer feedback.

Lippert Components is blazing a new trail with GetFeedback 

Lippert Components won’t be slowing down anytime soon. As the company continues to invest in its Scouts program, it hopes to build a stronger community with lasting relationships between Lippert and its brand evangelists. It also plans to grow its CX team with new hires, dedicated to coordinating CX research and tap into customer feedback even more. 

A well-developed CX program can help you harness the power of your brand advocates. Learn more about getting started with GetFeedback to hear what your customers are really asking for.  

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