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Introducing GetFeedback’s new brand

We've decided to rebrand GetFeedback. Here's our journey to rebrand, including how we landed our brand look and feel, logo, and tone and voice.

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Author: Karen Budell, SurveyMonkey VP of brand

Customer experience professionals need to spend less time worrying about implementing technology solutions, and more time on building the best experiences possible that drive business performance and customer loyalty. 

That’s why we integrated GetFeedback and Usabilla to build an agile platform that enables leaders to quickly get up and running in days—not months—without the need for a large team of consultants. 

And as our product continues to evolve, so should our brand. We’ve decided to rebrand GetFeedback to better reflect our vision for the platform and our deep understanding of the challenges customer experience leaders face.

Here, we’ll share our journey to rebrand, including how we landed our brand look and feel, logo, and tone and voice. 

Concept testing: how we got here 

Our in-house team led the development of our new brand; we started with research to assess our current brand health, then used those insights to create our visual identity and inform decisions on tone and voice.

We also listened to our customers, gathering input from CX leaders at multiple stages to understand their needs. And we continually tested our ideas—which we're able to do very quickly thanks to SurveyMonkey Market Research Solutions.

For instance, we leveraged SurveyMonkey Audience—often used for our Signature Research series and to keep a pulse on challenges CX leaders face—to get a baseline measure of brand health: our brand awareness, consideration, and intent to purchase.  

We wanted to ensure our new logo design was both visually appealing and memorable to our target audience: business leaders involved in software purchasing decisions. So we relied on SurveyMonkey Logo Design Analysis to test it. The built-in AI-Powered Insights automatically surfaced audience segments where our logo performed well and helped us quickly synthesize feedback in our open-text responses. Plus we leveraged SaaS industry benchmarks to get valuable context for our results. 

New gf logo 2021

Our new GetFeedback logo embodies agility, speed, and action as depicted in the curve of the arrow. 

We’ve also implemented GetFeedback Digital across our website to allow for real-time feedback from users and identify opportunities to improve our user experience and content.   


Our primary color palette is simplified and focused. Growth green reflects the business impact that CX leaders are driving as well as the influence a standout customer experience has in a world of choice. We make a nod to the SurveyMonkey brand by selectively using Sabaeus green for accents and a splash of energy. 

GetFeedback’s secondary colors—yellow, navy, and sea blue—are bolder and are used mindfully to amplify our brand’s spiritedness. 

GF Blog Graphics All Colors v2@1x

These colors, along with our new logo and typography are also present in the GetFeedback platform. 

Rebrand - workspaces

Tone and voice 

We want to share our real-world expertise with CX leaders in a way that makes it easy to understand and act. 

We believe in being optimistic, but also realistic. We know customer experience isn’t easy, but the industry still excites us and we’re here to spread that optimism.  


People are complicated—they’re made up of many layers, and the more you shed, the better you’ll understand what’s at a person’s core. 

And if you understand each layer of a person, you’ll have a more holistic view of them. This is the approach behind GetFeedback: we’re an agile solution that helps you navigate the layers of CX, and simplify the complex so you can drive impactful change. 

GF Blog Layers Graphic@2x

To accompany our product, we shaped the visual elements of our brand into a design system we call Layers, which mirrors the complexity of the human experience. 

You’ll see the idea of Layers come to life in shadows, planes, depth of field, and other design elements.

GF Layers


Our photography guidelines emphasize the customer experience leader as the hero of their organization. 

GF Blog Graphics CX Professionals@1x

We choose photography of people radiating with confidence and remove them from a background environment to help elevate their strength and spirited attitude.

GF Blog Graphics CX customers@1x

On the other hand, when we show imagery of our customers’ customers, they are shown in their many environments to demonstrate the multitude of customer experience touchpoints.


The GetFeedback rebrand is the latest step in our unification of SurveyMonkey’s 2019 acquisitions of customer feedback solutions GetFeedback and Usabilla. 

As we continue to innovate in the customer experience space, GetFeedback will stay focused on simplifying the complex in CX so leaders can spend their time on what matters most—creating exceptional experiences for their customers. 

Explore the new brand here

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