Interview with CX Ambassador Matthew Phillip

Interview with Matthew Phillip, Marketing Automation Manager at Mylo, a Lockton company, the insurtech leader revolutionizing insurance shopping, about his career in the customer experience space.


Jeremiah Chua

November 12, 2020

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This month's CX Ambassador is Matthew Phillip, Marketing Automation Manager at Mylo, a Lockton company, the insurtech leader revolutionizing insurance shopping.

Q: Why are you in the CX industry? 

When I have a good customer experience, I feel like someone values me personally and is putting in the extra effort to win my business. When I have a poor experience, I feel like I’m dealing with a company that doesn’t value my time or understand what matters to me. That’s a big reason I jumped into the customer experience field.

I enjoy being in a position to make sure our customers only have positive experiences. I’ve always enjoyed solving problems, and creating good CX is all about finding the pain points people have and figuring out how to fix them.  

Mylo gave me a natural opportunity to drive change in this area. We were investing more resources in continually optimizing our customer experiences. Because of my strong passion for the customer experience, I proactively stepped up to help build and create a Voice of the Customer (VoC) program.

Q: How would you describe your customer experience program? 

Mylo is a digital insurance broker that combines proprietary technology with Lockton’s 50+ years of insurance expertise to deliver expert coverage advice and solutions from top carriers to small businesses and individuals. Our customers interact with us in multiple ways throughout their journey. Their digital shopping activities and interactions with licensed agents are complemented by automated email and SMS campaigns to ensure a seamless experience.

We monitor our customers’ responses via a continuous feedback loop. For example, analysis of customer activity helped us optimize and streamline our digital shopping experience by removing friction points. 

We rely heavily on the Net Promoter Score (NPS) metric as an indicator of whether we’re delivering the smart, fast, friendly and convenient experience we promise customers. We derive learnings from both Promoters and Detractors to help us identify trends and opportunities to optimize our experience. We share glowing Promoter responses across the company. And our sales team leadership analyzes and follows up on every Detractor. 

We leverage customer feedback to reward and recognize our associates. We recognize a top sales agent from each sales team every quarter at our company-wide meetings. And, our licensed agents receive additional monthly bonuses for providing great experiences.

 Q: How is your CX team structured?

We’re a small but mighty team of four. As Marketing Automation Manager, I’m on the front lines looking at CX from both a 10,000 ft. and a 10 ft. view. 

My efforts are augmented by our Chief Marketing Officer and two other members of the marketing team (Senior Marketing Manager and Creative Director) who share my passion for customer experience and bring complementary perspectives. Together, we are Mylo’s own CX Squad

Because we believe all roles at Mylo impact the customer experience, we collaborate closely across departments. Vital to our success are trainers and sales team leads who coach, teach, and train all new and veteran sales agents to provide exceptional experiences to current and potential customers. We work with our engineering team to ensure that our proprietary technology is built in a way that provides an optimal customer experience. And, our partnership directors help identify trends and recommend improvements for their partnerships. 

Q: What is a typical day in the life of your team?

Every day is different, and that’s a good thing. You can usually find us digging into data to uncover recent trends that are surfacing. These insights are shared in real-time to optimize our processes and to inform work in development, as well as at the sales team weekly meetings, strategic leadership team meetings, new partner pitches, and presentations to our board of directors.

CX matters deeply to us at Mylo–which you can see on a minute by minute basis. The CX Squad and our sales leadership constantly communicate on what we’re seeing, both good and bad. Experiences that fall short of our standards are addressed–which includes outreach to unhappy customers and 1:1 coaching with agents. Good experiences are shared and celebrated with the entire company.

On any given day, the customer insights we uncover are informing optimizations we’re making to agent scripting, digital experiences, marketing campaigns, and more. 

Q: What are you most proud of in your customer experience career?

In the summer of 2018, I reimagined Mylo’s customer communications journey to ensure a seamless customer experience.  

This initiative took about six months from concept to implementation, an investment of time supported by Mylo’s leadership - demonstrating our extreme commitment to the customer experience. In collaboration with our sales and engineering teams, I took a holistic approach and identified key gaps in the experiences we were providing to customers and prospects across all of our communication channels.

The result is an experience with Mylo that is highly data-driven and provides customers with timely and contextual communications across multiple formats, from email communications to agent interactions. In real-time, we keep customers apprised of what’s happening with their current insurance transaction, what they can expect next from us, and what coverages might make sense for them in the future based on what we know about them.

Q: What has been your biggest customer experience challenge? 

Not surprisingly, a mission to revamp Mylo’s customer journey seemed too big to tackle with only four people. While we were reimagining our journey and initiating significant changes, we also had to keep our existing journey running smoothly. That would not have been remotely possible without all of us working together. 

But just as crucial, was having buy-in at the executive level, starting with our CEO. He recognized the value of an improved customer experience, we were able to secure company time and resources across every department to make it happen. 

Q: Is there anything about your work with CX that keeps you up at night?

Mylo is continuing to grow and partner with high-end companies who rightly expect every interaction for their customers to be a top tier, concierge-style experience. So I’m constantly thinking about the tools that the people who represent Mylo will need to take care of customers with high expectations. This will be an ongoing focus of mine.

Q: What's missing in your CX program that you'd like to have? 

Real-time quality assurance (QA), which is something we’re currently exploring. Because our entire company knows how important great CX and high Net Promoter Scores are to achieving our aggressive growth goals and building long-term relationships with customers, we recognize the need to give our associates even more timely feedback so they can improve and hone their craft. 

Q: Based on your experience, what are some best practices that you would recommend to other CX professionals?

Enlist an advocate for CX at the executive or C-suite level. For me, our CMO Monica Wilkens was mission-critical in inspiring the entire leadership team to give a high priority to CX.

Make opportunities to lead. If CX is something you like, look for ways to plug in and lead the way from wherever you sit.

Seek out feedback. I’m not always the smartest person in the room (if I am, we have a problem!) and have a limited viewpoint on any given problem or issue. Feedback from leaders, peers, and other departments allows me to create solutions that benefit everyone at Mylo as much as possible. 

Q: What's next for you and your CX team?

We’re exploring options for automated, real-time QA and determining the best fit with our business.

We’re also optimizing our internal feedback loop in the COVID-19 era. We are an entirely remote workforce and will be for the foreseeable future. We’re consistently looking at new ways to give our associates visibility into our CX metrics and KPIs – and the tools they need to continue to improve and succeed.

Q: How would you define great customer experience?

At Mylo, our first CX principle is: Remember you are the brand. 

Every interaction you have with a customer is an experience that shapes their view of who we are. Customers will remember if you kept your word, made life easier for them, took responsibility for making things right, and looked out for their best interests.

At a basic level, it’s all about making a human connection. That means understanding where customers are coming from emotionally - and empathizing. Every person is deserving of the kindness and respect that we all expect from others. So every experience should be a reflection of how we want to be treated.

That’s easier on some days than others, but it pays dividends every time. Even when customers choose not to purchase with us, we love hearing that they felt we cared about solving their problems and were advocates for them.

Q: Is there anything we haven't covered that you'd like to share?

 Our CX Squad developed the following 10 pro tips that guide CX at Mylo:

1. Remember you are the brand.

2. Say what you’ll do … and do it.

3. Be a resource.

4. Meet customers where they are.

5. Make a human connection.

6. Be your customer’s advocate.

7. Put customers in charge (when they want it).

8. Make it all seem so easy.

9. Take responsibility.

10. Keep customers coming back.

We also remind associates that all of us create customer experiences, no matter what our role is in the company.

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