Interview With CX Ambassador Corrina Owens

Interview with Corrina Owens, marketing and demand generation manager at SpendHQ—a leading SaaS spend analysis solution—about her career in the customer experience space.


Sara Staffaroni

July 7, 2020

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This month's CX Ambassador is Corrina Owens, marketing and demand generation manager at SpendHQ, the leading SaaS spend analysis solution created for sourcing leaders, by sourcing leaders. 

Corrina has over nine years of experience in developing and leading content generation across multiple media platforms for premium brands within large and entrepreneurial settings. In 2019, she spoke at Salesforce’s Dreamforce annual conference regarding her experience launching a CX program within her organization. 

She also volunteers her time to the Partnership Against Domestic Violence, the largest nonprofit domestic violence organization in Georgia, as a member of their Hearts with Hope Committee. 

Q: Why are you in the CX industry? 

As marketing & demand generation manager of SpendHQ, I am passionate about driving awareness of our solutions and products to create a predictable pipeline.

I enjoy creating content that really speaks to the voice of the customer. I’m not interested in buzzwords, I’m interested in being authentic and empathetic. 

Q: How would you describe your customer experience program? 

When building out a CX program, I didn’t just want to solve the latter end of the customer’s journey; I wanted to look at it holistically. After all, a customer's success is with the company, not just the product itself.

I decided to take apart the customer's journey and analyze where the crucial points of success are; in other words, where can my sales team really tell if we’re in the running? This is determined largely after we perform a demo.

The demo survey is crucial for our sales team to determine the likelihood of a deal progressing. We ask our prospects to provide feedback on their experience with our 1-hour custom demo via survey is triggered via a workflow rule at the contact level in Salesforce (SFDC).

We found that not only did we see more responses than we had when we simply shared an email with a survey URL pasted in the body, but we were also getting more detailed feedback. After the prospect clicks their response, they have the option to provide more feedback within the GetFeedback survey landing page. This helps sales to determine appropriate next steps and additional areas of focus with the prospect that they may have not had insight into otherwise. 

From there, we implemented a variety of other surveys, ensuring that we captured the clients’ feedback from initial interaction, to onboarding, to ongoing quarterly business check-ins. Before a client even signed an agreement with us, they already had become acutely aware that their feedback was critical to us, as we had been requesting it throughout the entire sales process.

When building out a CX program, I didn’t just want to solve the latter end of the customer’s journey; I wanted to look at it holistically. After all, a customer's success is with the company, not just the product itself.

Q: What has been your biggest customer experience challenge? 

Without integration into our CRM (Salesforce) and marketing automation tool stack (Pardot), it became a rather manual process to gain access to customer insights throughout over 2,000+ users.

So we started small, focusing on a particular client use case. We started gathering feedback through 1-touch/1-click surveys and built up a program slowly from there, determining the core challenges our clients were facing, and routing feedback to the appropriate department so we could act quickly.

Our clients have thanked us for providing them with an easy way to provide feedback and have expressed interest in implementing similar processes within their organizations to gain similar feedback.

Q: Based on your experience, what are some best practices that you would recommend to other CX professionals? 

  • Find the pain point internally—why do you think you aren’t able to get client feedback until it’s too late? What are your customers’ expectations? 

  • Start small, determine ways your program could provide quick wins, then grow bigger. Reach out to stakeholders across your business that could benefit from having access to more feedback.

  • Be transparent. From email communications, data (3rd party and internal), make your program results and process available (as appropriate) company-wide. 

Ultimately, remember why your customers come to you for your product or solution in the first place. Your CX program should look to always determine if we are still solving that same problem.

Q: What's next for you and your team? 

With a robust product roadmap ahead of us for the remainder of 2020, it’s imperative that we gather our clients’ feedback along the way. While initially, we had planned for numerous on-site visits with our clients (pre-COVID), we’ve found that we’ve been more engaged than ever with our clients, even with a lack of in-person interactions. Thank you, Zoom!

To ensure that our clients are delivering the most value out of our tool, as well as having the opportunity to continue to influence our roadmap, we’re developing several programs internally to ensure our clients are continuously engaged with each new release to the tool.

Q: How would you define great customer experience?

One of the core principals we have at SpendHQ is “People Matter Most.” This principle should be realized in every interaction we have with our clients. This means we’re always mindful of our approach; what are we asking of our clients and how will this ultimately deliver value to them? 

The feedback we receive is a gift and we must always find ways to continue to meet their needs and ultimately, continue to improve their experience. Never settle, always innovate. 

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