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How Auth0 increased NPS by 21 points by leveraging GetFeedback

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Auth0, a product unit within Okta, takes a modern approach to identity and enables organizations to provide secure access to any application, for any user. The Auth0 Identity Platform is highly customizable, and is as simple as development teams want, and as flexible as they need.

Creating a holistic customer experience strategy

Auth0 allows companies to create and optimize their logins and protect customer privacy as an adaptable authentication and authorization platform. Before partnering with GetFeedback, Auth0 leveraged other feedback tools such as Delighted and SurveyForce to collect data about customer experience. However, they found it difficult to centralize data using those platforms.

In June 2018, Auth0 purchased GetFeedback to send surveys after support tickets close, allowing them to analyze the response data and take action in Salesforce. By 2020, the company realized that its program and strategy needed to mature to support two company objectives: creating a best-in-class customer experience and sustaining growth momentum. That’s when Brie Partridge joined the team as head of customer experience, eager to build out a holistic voice of the customer program (VoC).

“From the CEO down, our organization values improving the customer's experience,” Partridge said. “My first goal was to consolidate the many survey and feedback tools Auth0 was using to create a single source of truth.”

Auth0 needed a platform that created a holistic view and connected to the company’s key CRM tools, Salesforce and Gainsight. After researching and comparing GetFeedback, Qualtrics, and a few others, the team decided to invest exclusively in GetFeedback’s capabilities to create a more holistic strategy company-wide. “GetFeedback’s ease of use and seamless integration to Salesforce really sealed the deal,” Patridge explained.

Consolidating tools and getting intentional with metrics

With GetFeedback, Auth0 built a comprehensive view of customer feedback that is accessible across the company. “My team couldn’t believe how easy it was to get GetFeedback set up,” said Partridge. Within two weeks, it was set up and our customer survey data was integrated into Salesforce. It’s really been a lifesaver.”

“We can even set up features like Slack notifications ourselves without having to turn to our RevOps team,” Partridge said.

By integrating GetFeedback with Salesforce and Gainsight, Auth0 has now gathered enough data to see which metrics correlate to business outcomes related to retention, renewals, upgrades, and expansion. Prior to Partridge’s arrival, Auth0 had been using Net Promoter Score® (NPS), but it was primarily a check-the-box exercise.

By taking a holistic approach, the team captured data at critical points and provided opportunities for active feedback, including onboarding pulse checks, post-support interactions, and post-free trials. With automatic feedback loops in place, the team easily tracks relational NPS, CES, and OSAT at every significant milestone in the customer journey.

“With an initial baseline of data, we've been able to address high-impact areas of friction for customers and prioritize our focus areas to see an impact quickly,” she said.

Auth0 was able to gather active feedback through email drip campaigns to identify three focus areas from the open-ended comment opportunities:

1) Top types of customers
2) Main areas of friction these customers were experiencing
3) Top themes from passives and detractors

With this information in hand, Partridge curated key takeaways to present to all internal teams—findings that give Auth0’s teams direction when prioritizing and strategizing upcoming initiatives.

Today, teams can quickly adapt their strategies based on the data to ensure a better customer experience. To bolster cross-functional partnership, Partridge’s team shares their learnings through monthly read-outs of CX data, ensuring internal teams are aligned with current company trends.

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A more mature CX program

Partridge found that by leveraging GetFeedback to listen to customers, ask the right questions at the right time in surveys, and develop success metrics, Auth0 was able to create a mature CX program.

With more structure, accessibility, and transparency in place, Auth0 quickly saw results. Within six months, they yielded astounding results:

  • NPS score increased 21 points

  • CES improved by 9 points

  • OSAT increased by 18 points

Looking ahead, Partridge will continue to mature the Auth0 CX program, including expanding its use to create a similar approach for its product app. With the help of GetFeedback, Auth0 will focus on its digital touch experience by catching bugs and influencing the product roadmap with user-backed, in-app data. Partridge’s team is also fine-tuning its VoC dashboards to enable internal teams to dig in on the data that matters to them most.

“We'll be able to take what we've already set as a foundation for our VoC program and become more targeted with the customer journey to alleviate pains and further our efforts to drive a frictionless customer experience,” remarked Patridge. “It’s going to be incredibly powerful and wouldn’t be possible without GetFeedback.”

Customer Story

Learn how Auth0 created a more mature CX program to drive an increase in NPS, CES and OSAT.

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