Enhancing Marketing Automation with Customer Feedback

GetFeedback for Pardot arms marketers with prospect feedback throughout the buyer journey, so they can learn from their audiences every step of the way.


Sateja Parulekar

June 12, 2018

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Today’s buyers expect personalized, 1:1 experiences tailored to their wants and needs. They’re inundated by marketing messages through digital ads, social media, and email, so only the most relevant campaigns capture their attention. The rest are at best ignored and at worst blocked. To cut through the noise, marketers need to know more about the people they’re marketing to.

How customer feedback empowers marketers

Post-sale customer feedback helps companies improve service quality, product value, and Net Promoter Score®. But why wait until after the purchase is complete? Prospect feedback can play a huge role in lead generation and nurturing, helping marketers better understand their audiences. And with greater insight, businesses can connect with customers throughout the entire buyer journey—from first touch onward.

Salesforce Pardot centralizes marketing initiatives into cohesive customer journeys and maps response patterns into sales leads. But marketing automation is only as powerful as the data you put into it. To date, businesses have had a fuzzy picture of what their audiences want. Marketers have relied on behavioral indicators—like opens, click-throughs, and time spent on digital assets—in order to build nurture paths.

By collecting feedback earlier in the engagement cycle, marketers can now enrich the data in Pardot with prospect feedback. You can now have two-way conversations with prospects using GetFeedback surveys, and move beyond guessing to knowing what customers want.

Introducing GetFeedback for Pardot

GetFeedback lets customers get even more value from Pardot by directly gathering prospect feedback throughout marketing journeys. By augmenting marketing data with direct feedback, you can truly deliver that relevant, customized experience that accelerates engagement. Plus, you’ll have the knowledge to accurately segment, score and pass the leads that sales want.

Here’s how it works…

Seamlessly weave surveys into marketing journeys so you can get to know your leads

GetFeedback for Pardot - prospect feedback survey

Shift nurture and email paths based on feedback for smarter engagement

GetFeedback for Pardot - prospect feedback nurture path

Influence qualification, scoring, and grading with feedback so that you can get the right leads into the hands of your sales team

GetFeedback for Pardot - marketing automation prospect feedback survey

Get started with GetFeedback for Pardot

Customers on GetFeedback for Salesforce Commercial and Premier plans get GetFeedback for Pardot at no additional cost. Simply log into your account to begin building surveys into your marketing automation!

Not on one of those plans? Contact us to discuss upgrade options or visit www.getfeedback.com/pardot to learn more.

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