5 Ways to Email Survey Invitations with GetFeedback

GetFeedback provides five different ways to email your survey invitations to enhance the customer experience and boost engagement.


Crystal Reitmeir

March 14, 2019

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At GetFeedback, we know email is a powerful survey distribution channel. In fact, 72% of people prefer to receive promotional content to their inbox over any other channel. But we also know that when it comes to email solutions, each company has a different approach and one size doesn’t fit all.

For this reason, we make it easy to build beautiful and engaging surveys that can be emailed in a way that makes sense for your business. GetFeedback offers five different email distribution options to best suit your needs, which are covered below. Regardless of the email survey distribution you choose, we recommend sending one-touch email; which embeds a survey question directly in the email invitation to improve the customer experience and boost engagement.

1. Automate in GetFeedback using Salesforce

With Automated Email you can send surveys directly from GetFeedback after specific customer interactions, which are tracked and automated through Salesforce. Response data is then consolidated in GetFeedback offering a holistic view of campaign performance. Your data is also piped back into Salesforce, allowing you to take immediate action.  Read more in our help articles.

2. Send from Salesforce

If you prefer to send surveys from Salesforce, you can export your one-touch email as a Visualforce template and implement it directly in Salesforce. This way, all components of your program are housed in one platform. Read more in our help articles.

3. Send from Pardot

If you’re a Marketer, you may want to send surveys through Pardot, which is ideal for marketing automation. You can seamlessly weave surveys into promotional emails and get direct feedback from prospects. This allows you to customize the experience and shift nurture journeys, driving more qualified leads for your sales team. Read more in our help articles.

4. Send to a list from GetFeedback

If you prefer to forego using Salesforce automation, you can simply paste an email list directly into GetFeedback and send surveys to a large batch of recipients. Response data is then piped into GetFeedback where you can leverage robust dashboards and analytics to take action. Read more in our help articles.

5. Send from another email provider

If you already have an established email program, you can export an HTML code from GetFeedback so one-touch emails are sent from your preferred email service provider. This is a flexible solution that seamlessly integrates into your current workflow. Read more in our help articles.

With GetFeedback, one-touch emails are always beautifully displayed in your customers’ inbox. Feedback data is also readily available so you can understand customer needs and continuously improve your business. Ready to get started with email distribution? Click here to learn more.

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