Why Marketers Should Drive the Customer Experience [Podcast]

On the Salesforce Marketing Cloudcast, GetFeedback CMO Kraig Swensrud explains why marketers should lead the charge on customer experience initiatives.


Jana Barrett

March 25, 2017

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Most companies care about delivering a great customer experience, but where should they start? Historically, customer experience management has fallen on the shoulders of customer-facing departments like customer service and customer success.

But customer experience (CX) is much more than post-sale interactions. It encompasses every touchpoint a customer has with your company, from sales calls to marketing campaigns to website visits.

In this week’s episode of the Salesforce Marketing Cloudcast, GetFeedback founder and CMO Kraig Swensrud explains why, as the primary brand developers, marketers should lead the charge on their companies’ customer experience initiatives. Plus, he dives into exactly how companies can leverage customer feedback in Salesforce to understand their customers today.

Listen to the episode, 3 Ways to Use Customer Feedback to Improve Your Marketing, and check out our highlights below!

4 takeaways from the episode

Lesson #1: CX is much more than post-sale interactions with customer service.

Every VP of Marketing and every CMO needs to understand what their customers are experiencing today—not just through their marketing channels and their website and their events and their advertising, but across their entire business, from service and support to usage of their product to how they engage with the back office and finance and other members of their staff all across the company.

Lesson #2: Survey technology is changing along with the times.

We’ve all received these surveys from companies that just say, “Hey, give us 30 minutes, we just have 80 questions for you.” And the reality is, that does not produce real-time information that a company can act upon. I’m much more likely to give that feedback in the moment, when I’m passionate about it, in real time, when they respect my time, and they do it in a customer-friendly, mobile-friendly way because they know I’ve just pulled out my iPhone.

Lesson #3: Sending a survey isn’t enough. You have to act on the feedback.

Being able to take and trigger a short, quick survey in real time based upon an experience a customer has, and then tie that customer’s response data to their customer record that’s centrally managed by the company and take action on it if something needs to happen—that’s what today’s companies all want.

But the heart of being able to do this in the modern world is not just running a survey—it’s tying that entire process together with the core customer database. For so many companies, that is Salesforce.

Lesson #4: Real-time asks = real-time action.

All brands need to do is think about the modern way to get feedback from your customers. And it’s not once a quarter, a 50-question survey that you might email blast to everybody. It’s in real time, it’s beautiful, it’s short and quick, and it’s tied into your customer database.

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