Sharpen Your Customer Vision with Custom Notifications

We created Custom Notifications to help you get feedback in the right hands immediately, so your team can close the loop faster.


Keith Weissglass

April 26, 2017

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Does your customer experience vision need corrective lenses? If you’re only surveying customers to learn how you can improve next time, the answer is probably yes.

For many organizations, feedback is farsighted; the goal is understanding past experiences so you can do better in the future. But this mindset misses the immediate opportunity to understand and improve an experience that just happened.

Until recently, this wasn’t easy. Survey results were trapped in a web app or an Excel file on someone’s computer. By the time you sorted through the responses and sent them to the appropriate team members, any follow-up would be too little too late.

We created custom notifications to help you get feedback in the right hands immediately. You just specify what kind of feedback warrants an email alert and who should get it.

Custom notification on watch

How Do Custom Notifications Work?

The process is simple: for any survey, you can create rules that determine when notification emails trigger. Every time a customer responds, GetFeedback analyzes the response to see if it meets your criteria (for example, a low customer satisfaction score). If it does, your custom notification fires off immediately.

custom notifications - detractor alert settings

Making the Most of Customer Feedback

Custom notifications can be triggered by new survey responses and existing customer data. This means you can handle feedback differently based on who gives it. Say your VP of Sales wants to hear about any feedback you get from key accounts—simply tell GetFeedback the customer is a VIP using merge fields, then add that criteria to your notification.

custom notification email


With custom notifications, your team can see feedback the moment it arrives and take appropriate action. That means you can improve experiences both in the moment and in the future. Hindsight is 20/20—and now your team’s visibility into customer feedback can be too.

Custom notifications are available now to all Enterprise and GetFeedback for Salesforce customers. To create a custom notification, open any survey in the survey builder, click on “Settings,” and choose “Add Notification.” Visit our knowledge base for more details.

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