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Cisco Secures Customer Satisfaction With GetFeedback

Read how Cisco's Stealthwatch Division uses GetFeedback to improve customer satisfaction through survey automation.

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The modern network is ever-evolving and expanding as trends such as mobility, the Internet of Things, and the cloud continue to shape the way we do business. Despite its many benefits, this increasing network complexity can obscure visibility, making it difficult to detect network threats. Fortunately, Cisco Stealthwatch has been at the forefront of this battle, defending businesses from cyberattacks and data breaches for more than a decade.

Cisco Stealthwatch uses telemetry from existing network infrastructure to continuously monitor activity, creating a baseline of what’s normal. Based on this comprehensive view of the network, Stealthwatch applies machine learning, identifying and alerting on anomalous activity and accelerating threat detection.

And customers like the results. According to customer research, Stealthwatch can increase network visibility more than 80 percent and cut incident response time from hours to minutes. In addition, Stealthwatch has (one of the) highest retention rates in the Cisco security portfolio, at 92 percent.

Using automation to prevent customer dissatisfaction

In 2013, the Stealthwatch team needed to gauge customer satisfaction after support case resolutions. Because the team used Salesforce as the backbone of their customer data, they sought for a tool that would integrate with it. 

Immediately, they were sold on the price, ease of use, and level of Salesforce integration offered by GetFeedback.

“We evaluated a lot of different tools and we chose GetFeedback because it’s easy to use,” explained David Wallis, Senior IT Manager at the Stealthwatch Division of Cisco. 

“We love the fact that we can easily integrate GetFeedback data with Salesforce data,” he continued. “A lot of our internal users don’t realize that GetFeedback is a separate thing because they see it and to them, it’s a part of Salesforce.”

Originally, the team only needed a tool that could handle case closed NPS surveys. However, they found GetFeedback powered by Salesforce to be much more versatile than basic use cases like NPS and CSAT. With GetFeedback and Salesforce, Cisco created workflows that automatically sent email alerts to managers when customers gave a dissatisfied rating.

“Usually it’s something that can be corrected if you get on the phone within a couple of hours.” said David. 

“Whereas if you didn’t have that automation, and you ran a report every Monday, that says ‘Show me the bad cases from last week’, it might be a week later, and then you’ve lost the opportunity to get the satisfaction back.”

The alerts from GetFeedback lead to prompt responses, which means dissatisfaction can be addressed early and a poor customer experience can be converted into a great one.

Cisco prides itself on being a customer-driven company. So what began as a need to discover and resolve customer sentiments soon evolved into a system to scale customer success. 

Streamlining customer onboarding 

Every good customer success initiative begins with the knowledge that you don’t tell your customers what makes your product successful. You let your customers tell you what makes the product successful. 

– David Wallis

To ensure customers are getting the most value from Sealthwatch, Customer Success Managers (CSMs) are assigned to help onboard new customers. However, due to the product’s wide range of capabilities, the onboarding process can be a grueling challenge of first understanding the customer’s intended use. This exploratory step took anywhere from hours to days, causing stalls in the onboarding process. So to understand each customer’s unique use case, the Stealthwatch team incorporated GetFeedback surveys into their customer onboarding workflow.

It started with a survey that asked new customers their top priority use cases for Stealthwatch. From there, responses were pushed and stored into Salesforce, which gave the CSM team visibility on the customer’s intended use. Surveys saved the team from conducting an exploratory call with the customer and instead, centered their initial conversation on the customer’s topic of interest and use cases. 

In conjunction, Cisco set up automated workflows in Salesforce that sent product training emails to customers based on their selected use cases. Their creative use of surveys helped set customers up for success, saved the team countless hours during onboarding, and have improved the overall customer experience. 

Stealthwatch’s customer-centric processes ended up revealing some interesting insights for the team.

“We were really surprised to learn how many of our customers are using it for five to seven different things, were as we thought most our customers bought us for one to three different things,” said David. “Our customers are using our product much more broadly than we thought and it’s been really informative for us.”

 The Stealthwatch team views customer onboarding as an ongoing process, so things don’t end after set-up. A year later, the team checks-in with its customers to measure their progress and see if they want to expand their programs further. 

After using GetFeedback and taking action on captured data, Cisco saw improvement with its customer experience during onboarding, increased customer satisfaction, and a boost in customer retention. 

A tool for facilitating internal change

The Stealthwatch team have also found GetFeedback to be a great tool for internal surveys. David recounted how the engineering team organized a hack day event where participants submitted ideas to improve Stealthwatch and to handle the voting process, GetFeedback was used to partake in the process.

“The thing about GetFeedback that we really like is that it’s a great versatile tool to have in your toolbox that you can do a lot with beyond just customer satisfaction surveys. We could get an email next week with a request for something and we can use the tool to do it.”

GetFeedback offers the power of scalability and automation while integrating seamlessly with Salesforce.  

As the Stealthwatch division grows, GetFeedback remains a valuable tool in helping them onboard customers, get internal feedback, and ensure customer satisfaction as they continue their mission of making network infrastructures safer around the world. 

“When we were acquired by Cisco in 2016, they wanted us to switch to their NPS survey and when we showed them what we were doing they said, ‘No don’t switch, keep doing what you’re doing because you’re doing it better than we are’.”

David W. Cisco

David Wallis has over twenty years of experience as an Information Technology professional focused on managing and integrating business systems. He leads a dedicated team who support the many activities of the Cisco Stealthwatch Customer Experience (CX) team including the Technical Assistance Center (TAC), Learning Services, Marketing, CX Operations, Sales, Sales Operations and Renewals teams. They manage business systems, provide project and program management, and create insights and analytics. 

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