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How BRP Revolutionized Its Customer Experience

Learn how BRP’s family of powersport brands turn to GetFeedback to measure and understand customer experience and boost dealer insights.

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Founded in 1942, Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) is the world’s leading powersports manufacturer. BRP has seven brands that help turn mother nature into a playground, including Ski-Doo Snowmobiles, Sea-Doo Watercrafts, and Can-Am Spyder Motorcycles.

The company’s customers are not only passionate about the products, but consider their powersport vehicles an essential part of their lifestyle.

With customers in more than 100 countries and a global network of 4,200 independent dealers, BRP uses GetFeedback for Salesforce to understand its customer experience… and turn those insights into action.

Since implementing GetFeedback, BRP has seen a 94% survey completion rate, and survey costs have gone down by 95%. The company is an inspiration to all manufacturers and retailers who want to tap into the minds of their customers.

We sat down with Myshka Sansoin, Global Customer Experience Specialist, and talked about how BRP has used surveys to improve the overall customer experience.

BRP - Myshka Sansoin

Myshka Sansoin, Global Customer Experience Specialist, BRP

Can you tell us a little bit about BRP and its story?

MS: Our mission is to provide the ultimate riding experience in powersports. BRP started over 70 years ago, when our founder created the first snowmobile, making Ski-Doo our first brand.

Since then, we’ve added six other brands, one of which is Sea-Doo, the first personal watercraft vehicle. We also build ATVs, side-by-side, outboard engines, and three wheel Roadster Spyders.

Today, BRP is a manufacturer of powersports vehicles and propulsion systems with 7 brands under our umbrella.  We design, commercialize, manufacture, and distribute our products through a dealership network. We have more than 4,000 dealers around 100 countries.

What are your customers like? How do you maintain a connection with them?

MS: Our customers are really passionate. For them, it’s not just about riding one of our vehicles—it’s also about the whole experience, the whole lifestyle, that goes with it.

Our customers buy our products because our innovation sets us apart. We’re constantly working to develop the fastest and most powerful vehicles, and our customers know that.

We don’t see our customers as just customers—we don’t see them as people who own our products. Instead, we consider them part of the BRP community.

What really sets us aside and helps us to maintain our leader position is that connection we have with our customers. So we are always getting their feedback, trying to understand their needs and expectations and really create that connection with the customer.

Can you explain what it’s like for a customer to buy a BRP product?

MS: We have a network of over 4,000 dealer partners and they are responsible for delivering our brand promise to our customers. When customers want to buy our products, they visit our in-person dealerships.

Our dealers are really the touchpoint on the field– they’re the ones who talk to our customers, educate them on our products, and generally help and support them. It’s really important that dealership visits are a positive experience for our customers.

After a purchase is made, customers also interact with the service department. If they have any repairs or want to get any routine maintenance, they go into the dealership for that too.

How do you measure the success of the BRP customer experience?

MS: Since 2001, we’ve had a listening program in place to learn about the experience customers have at our dealerships. In 2014, we realized that our program was getting outdated. Our survey invitations were sent out by mail, and we had a long survey with more than 25 questions. Response rates were low, and our costs were high.

We needed to bring the program up to speed. Ultimately, we wanted the customer survey experience to be as innovative and fresh as our vehicles. We had 5 objectives:

  1. Simplify the program for us, our dealers, and our customers.

  2. Shorten the survey questionnaire to increase response rates.

  3. Measure the relational aspect of the experience at the dealership.

  4. Reduce survey costs.

  5. Introduce more modern ways of communication and replace direct mail with something else.

Today, we have used GetFeedback with Salesforce to meet all of these goals. Two of our most impactful surveys are the purchase loyalty survey and the service loyalty survey. These are in place to understand and improve the customer’s buying and support experiences, both of which are critical brand touchpoints.

Since we launched the program, our completion rate is at 94% which is huge, because the online survey average completion rate is just above 75%. And our costs have gone down 95%.

The dealers really like the new program too. They like the fact that surveys are sent by email, as opposed to direct mail. They like the fact that the surveys are so short, as it encourages customers to complete the task. Additionally, dealers are provided with real-time feedback in their Salesforce dashboard. This allows the dealers to improve and evolve as a business.

What happens when a customer responds to a survey?

BRP - purchase survey

As soon as the customer completes the survey, that data is sent back into Salesforce. We created a whole customer experience dashboard where the dealers can really follow their performance and see the real-time feedback come in. On my side, I can see how all the dealers are performing.

BRP - dashboard

When a customer gives negative feedback and rates as a detractor, there’s an alert automatically triggered to the dealership they’re associated with. This allows the dealership to reach out directly to solve the problem.

What led you to GetFeedback?

Right away, I fell in love with the tool because it was really simple. I did a test run on it, and it only took a few minutes to build a beautiful survey that represented our brand.

The look and feel was really different from other platforms. GetFeedback made it easy for us to manage the process. Plus, the templates were professional and well-designed.

I really think the Salesforce integration sets GetFeedback apart from the competition. We can have all of our customer information in the same place, and use Salesforce to trigger certain actions.

What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned from the new program?

Our new survey program has shown us how much the dealership staff has an impact on the customer’s loyalty. We started capturing Net Promoter Score® (NPS®), and we’ve found that the number one thing that would impact the score was the staff and the customer’s relationship to that staff.

This led us to consider how we could support our dealerships in developing customer-focused employees. In the past six months, we have developed two different trainings that we share via our online training institute, and we also give seminars to dealership managers and other different events we had over the years.

We developed a whole dashboard in Salesforce with dealers in mind. Each dealer can see how customers are responding to each question, and NPS shows them the general sentiment of how the overall dealership is doing.


BRP provides unforgettable experiences through exciting products. Customers are passionate about BRP’s ATVs, watercraft, and other fun vehicles. To capture customer loyalty and transform the customer experience, BRP has implemented a successful customer survey program that integrates with Salesforce.

The team at BRP has considered how they can encourage customers to complete surveys, as well as how dealerships can take survey data and adjust their offerings. Revamping surveys has not only allowed BRP to understand what customers are thinking, but has also encouraged the team to improve the overall experience.

BRP was able to use GetFeedback’s powerful Salesforce integration to boost engagement, increase customer satisfaction, and provide a better dealership experience. Today, BRP offers a holistic customer experience that impacts the entire business.

Want to see BRP’s customer experience program in action? Check out this video.

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