Why GetFeedback is the Best Customer Experience (CX) Solution for Salesforce

At GetFeedback we believe the simpler a customer experience (CX) solution, the better. Read about our top competitive advantages.


Maura Rivera

March 1, 2019

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Over recent years, we’ve seen an indisputable shift in customer expectations—from receiving great service to having amazing customer experiences.

In fact, 73% of U.S. consumers say that customer experience (CX) is a very important factor in their purchasing decision, so much so that even if they love a company or product, 59% will still walk away after several bad experiences and 17% will walk away after just one bad experience.

Poor customer experience has similar, severe consequences in other countries. For instance, 49% of Latin Americans say that they will walk away from a brand after just one bad experience. And 54% of U.K. consumers feel more loyal to brands that show a deep understanding of their preferences and priorities.

The customer experience gap

With such significance on customer experience, it’s surprising to see that only 49% of U.S. consumers say companies provide a good customer experience today.

What’s missing? 

Well, for starters companies need to identify what great customer experience means for their customers. This can vary depending on the industry and region. But most importantly, companies need the right tools to effectively measure CX and confidently take action to improve it.

That’s where GetFeedback comes in. We’re proud to be the #1-rated survey solution for Salesforce—you can’t provide great customer experience unless your customer data is integrated with your CRM for real-time feedback and response.

But we’re more than a survey company. We’ve made it our business to demystify customer experience and simplify its process.

We believe that great CX comes from truly understanding your customer. In this post, we’ll share our key features that help companies put their customers in focus and, in doing so, effortlessly deliver great customer experiences.

GetFeedback’s top competitive advantages   

There are plenty of serious competitors in the CX and customer feedback industry. And while we may not have the same bells and whistles as some of our competitors, we have all of the necessary features to reach your customer experience goals. In fact, we believe the simpler a CX solution, the better. Below are our top competitive advantages.

We’re built to be easy 

Ease-of-use is extremely important to GetFeedback. With us, any user can get their feedback program up and running in minutes. There’s no need to go through rigorous training or certification thanks to our out-of-the-box survey templates and built-in best practices. Our major competitors, on the other hand, requires months of configuration and management to just get the ball rolling.

Customer experience CX solution for salesforce -

We also have the broadest suite of built-in omnichannel distribution channels and reporting, which means our users can easily reach and listen to their customers on the channels that work for them.

We’re right-sized

We know feedback programs aren’t one-size-fits-all, which is why we help businesses measure the metrics that matter to them.

Unlike other CX solutions that provide complex, overbuilt features that most companies won’t ever use (accompanied by high prices), our customers are able to roll out the surveys they want, without complexities—we give you all the features you need, and none of the features you don’t. Which means you only pay for what you need.  

best customer experience solution for salesforce pandora

The best part of our features is that they help users collect more customer experience data—by building beautiful, branded, smart surveys, our users have seen an increase in engagement that has armed them with more actionable CX insight.

We’re seamlessly integrated into Salesforce

From the beginning, we’ve understood the importance of being able to take action on real-time feedback. That’s why we provide a seamless integration with Salesforce (and why we’re the #1-rated survey solution for Salesforce). This integration empowers companies to automate survey distribution, surface real-time response data, and take immediate action on customer feedback.

best customer experience for salesforce dashboard

If you check out our major competitor, you’ll find that their Salesforce integration is rigid and manual, requiring professional services for setup. In comparison, our core Salesforce integration features custom mapping of survey responses to any standard or custom object/field in your CRM. This means that users can map survey data exactly where they want it and fit into their data model instead of being forced to keep it in a specific object within the CRM. With this data strategy, your feedback data can truly sit right alongside your customer data.

We’ve also built strategic omnichannel integrations into other digital channels: Salesforce Chat, Communities, SMS, and various email marketing platforms. This is to ensure that our customers can distribute personalized surveys across any major channel, ultimately delivering a better customer experience.  

Bottom line, GetFeedback simplifies customer experience  

Great customer experience starts with a customer-centric mentality. That’s why, at GetFeedback, we’re always thinking about how we can improve our product to better aid our customers’ own CX programs.

The first step to providing a great customer experience is to measure how your customers feel about your brand and understand why they feel that way. You can do this through our surveys, which are built to be visually appealing, and easily customizable to match your brand—your customers will want to take your surveys and you’ll see an increase in response rate.

Once you have the customer data, then you need to take action to improve customer experience. We make it easy to take immediate action on critical feedback.  

GetFeedback adds value to your customer relationships. We focus on innovative, easy solutions that work. Simple is always better.

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