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Announcing the GetFeedback Suite

GetFeedback joins forces with Usabilla to form a CX suite that brings a multi-channel view of the customer experience across your entire customer journey.

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Authored by Craig Shull

Customer expectations are always on the rise—due to innovative technology and digital transformation—and seamless, connected experiences are now the expected norm. Your customers want their needs to be met in the most convenient way and from any channel or device of their choosing. 

The companies that can keep a steady pulse on the voice of the customer across all touchpoints will be able to turn these evolving expectations into great experiences. And in doing so, maximize customer loyalty and improve the bottom line.

Simplifying CX with the GetFeedback Suite

It’s our mission at GetFeedback to help you meet and exceed these evolving customer expectations. 

We strive to provide you with the tools and straightforward answers you need to get your job done well and with confidence. That’s why we’re excited to announce that, starting today, Usabilla and GetFeedback form the GetFeedback Suite—a suite of CX solutions that are easy-to-use and can be set up in days, not months, so you can start making an impact on your customers’ experiences immediately. 

The combination of these two complementary SurveyMonkey products—GetFeedback’s leading CX solution for Salesforce and Usabilla’s digital experience platform for web and apps—simplifies customer experience management by bringing a multi-channel view of the customer experience across the entire customer journey. With this visibility, you can listen to your customers and take action that affects change across your entire organization.   

CORT Furniture Rental is devoted to providing personalized service and extraordinary experiences. With the GetFeedback Suite, CORT is keeping their ear to the ground and leveraging direct feedback to help them offer better support to their customers and employees—especially during these uncertain times.

Jake Taylor, marketing analyst at CORT, says:

We're really excited to see Usabilla and GetFeedback come together. Our mission at CORT is to be an indispensable resource to our customers by listening, learning, and providing exceptional value—every time. With the GetFeedback Suite, we can easily execute a CX program across our entire organization to understand customer needs at each touchpoint and how to make changes that increase loyalty.

Usabilla, the digital experience solution  

Capture real-time feedback across digital channels 

Usabilla empowers companies to capture in-the-moment feedback across digital channels—such as websites, mobile apps, and product applications—allowing you to take immediate, strategic action to improve a customer’s experience throughout their journey. 

For example, with a simple feedback button—which you can customize to fit seamlessly anywhere on your website—you make it easy for users to give you feedback on any page. You can also engage users through in-app surveys that are tailored and customizable to fit your brand. 

Collect insight on specific interactions with hyper-targeting surveys

Usabilla lets you use hyper-targeted surveys to gather insights on specific interactions occurring on websites and in applications. You can choose exactly where, on the user’s experience, you want to gather input. 

For instance, the targeting capabilities allow you to trigger a survey at the exact moment a user leaves your platform without finishing an action, like making a purchase. Or you can survey only the top-tier customers in your app about a new beta feature.  

A multi-channel view of the customer experience 

Together, GetFeedback and Usabilla offer unique capabilities that enable you to listen to customers, understand their needs, and take critical action that drives more revenue for your business. 

Contact our sales team to learn more or explore our Resource Center for more insight on mastering your customer experience program with the GetFeedback Suite. 

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