New and Improved: GetFeedback Actions

With GetFeedback Actions, companies can surface time-sensitive feedback and prompt quick action from internal teams to enhance the customer experience.


Crystal Reitmeir

May 9, 2019

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Surface time-sensitive customer feedback and take immediate action to enhance the customer experience.

It’s often said that “talk is cheap but actions are priceless.” In this case, collecting customer feedback is easy but taking action is where the real substance lies.

By now we know customer feedback is critical for good business. It identifies strengths and blind spots so you can better understand the holistic customer experience. But, simply collecting feedback isn’t enough. You must also analyze and act on the feedback received. If this step is overlooked, then why collect feedback in the first place?

Oddly enough, inaction seems to be commonplace. In fact, 43% of customers don’t leave feedback because they don’t think the business cares. This is a hugely missed opportunity and illustrates why closing the loop with customers is so important. Taking action shows your company is listening and cares about what customers have to say.

However, not all feedback warrants the same action. Time-sensitive feedback from dissatisfied customers demands immediate action to stop a bad situation from getting worse. Quickly resolving a customer issue can actually result in increased brand loyalty and more spend on future purchases.

While this may seem obvious, managing time-sensitive feedback and implementing immediate action can be complicated. It often requires complex workflows in Salesforce, which means time and energy from a dedicated Salesforce administrator. This can hinder your feedback program, not only leaving your customers feeling neglected but also negatively impacting your bottom line.

With GetFeedback Actions, you can set conditions directly in GetFeedback to surface time-sensitive feedback and assign specific actions to internal teams. Plus, our robust Salesforce integration helps make your response plan even more efficient and effective. Harness the power of merge fields to pull in important customer data, like region or account spend, to identify when actions should be triggered or to whom they should be assigned. 

Shayla Auer, Alumni Relations Coordinator at CEA Abroad, says:

GetFeedback Actions allows me to instantly see when a CEA alum has completed a survey through email alerts. This is important because it allows me to quickly respond to feedback and improve the CEA Alumni Ambassador program.

Set up Actions in a few simple steps.

First, build your customer feedback survey in GetFeedback and determine the distribution methods that make sense for your needs.  

Once your survey is complete, navigate to our Actions tab and specify the conditions that will trigger a desired action, either an Email Alert or a Salesforce Task. Assign an owner and due date then hit save.

Pro-tip: GetFeedback Actions aren’t limited to service teams. This feature is flexible and can be customized to your needs. Including, but not limited to:

Low CSAT Score

  • When a low CSAT score is received from a high-value customer, trigger a task and due date for an assigned Service Manager. This prompts quick outreach to course correct when a customer is dissatisfied.

Lead Creation

  • When a hot lead requests more information, trigger a task and due date for your Head of Sales to quickly assign the lead to the appropriate salesperson.

Beta Program Volunteer

  • When a customer submits a form volunteering for a beta program, trigger a task and due date for your Product Manager so they can quickly coordinate.

High NPS Score

  • When a high NPS score is received, trigger an email for a Customer Marketing Manager to activate promoters and request a customer story and spotlight.

Knowledge Article Feedback

  • When a low score is received for a knowledge article, trigger an email for your content owner to understand how the content can be improved for future use.

Ready to improve your customer experience with quick action? Contact us for a demo and pricing.

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