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A New User Interface to Simplify CX

We’re excited to announce a brand new user interface (UI) thoughtfully designed with our customers in mind.

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Way back in 2013, GetFeedback was built to offer beautiful, engaging, mobile-optimized surveys that are deeply integrated with Salesforce. 

Since then, the customer experience (CX) market has boomed into a billion-dollar industry—which reinforces just how important it is to listen to your customers at key touch points and take meaningful action to continuously improve their experiences. This isn’t just a fad and its growth shows no sign of stopping. In fact, the customer experience management market is projected to grow to $14.5B by 2024. That’s huge!

As the industry continues to evolve, so do CX leaders. Their needs and challenges are becoming increasingly more complex—from tracking each step in the customer journey to centralizing feedback data in one repository—so it's critical we evolve right alongside them. 

That’s why we’re making big changes to our platform. We’re launching a brand new user interface (UI) that’s modern, intuitive, and designed with our customers in mind. Not only does this improve your experience with GetFeedback, it also gives us the ability to build innovative features that enhance CX management in the future.

With our new UI, you’ll have:

  • Streamlined navigation and workflows when building a survey.

  • More visibility into your current plan, available features, and limitations.

  • Direct access to knowledge base articles that provide helpful instructions.

  • The opportunity to report bugs and surface feature requests directly inside the app.

Watch our product tour video below or log into the app to see what you can expect.

The new GetFeedback UI allows my team and I to easily collaborate and has significantly improved our experience with the platform. Not only is it beautiful, it’s easy to use and makes our CX program effortless. We’re really glad to see these changes and we’re looking forward to what else the GetFeedback team has in store. — Shivam Shah, Customer Experience Operations Manager at Vena Solutions

We know CX can be complicated—heck, even downright convoluted. This new user interface is designed with our customers in mind, harnessing feedback and simplifying workflows at every possible turn.

And, this is just the beginning. 

We have big plans in store with lots of exciting changes that will help you design a sophisticated CX program with ease. Contact us to learn more about how GetFeedback can help you provide exceptional customer experiences across your entire organization.

This article was written by Crystal Reitmeir, Senior Product Marketing Manager at GetFeedback.

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