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SpendHQ's Focus on CX Hastened the Sales Process by 20% with GetFeedback

Discover how SpendHQ uses GetFeedback to automate key interactions and aggregate feedback throughout the customer journey. Learn how the company creates a great customer experience to drive value for its customers from start to finish.

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"We use GetFeedback to evaluate how prospects feel about our product and to nurture warm leads down the pipeline. This helps our sales team to further qualify their opportunities and directly impact their bottom line.” 

SpendHQ delivers actionable insights for procurement and sourcing professionals through their award-winning SaaS analytics solution. The company helps organizations like the American Red Cross, Under Armour, and Fossil understand its enterprise spending since 2012. With over four trillion dollars in spending analyzed, SpendHQ’s expertise in the procurement industry is something to behold.

As the company’s success continues to grow, it makes sure it stands out from its competitors by ensuring customers receive the value they expect and the customer experience they deserve. 

Discover how SpendHQ uses GetFeedback to speed up the sales process by 20%, automate key interactions, and aggregate feedback throughout the customer journey. Learn how the company creates a great customer experience, to drive value for its customers, and nurtures warm leads through their sales pipeline using One-Touch email surveys.

Measure CSAT to ensure value 

As a B2B software provider, SpendHQ knew it needed a robust process in place to ensure customer ROI and reduce churn. Its process - and bottom line - relies on customers subscribing to regular data refreshes. Without a clear ROI for the customer, there was a distinct danger of new customers churning quickly. 

To overcome this barrier, SpendHQ solicited help from GetFeedback. The initial focus was on gathering customer satisfaction (CSAT) data throughout the onboarding process, at the 30 and 90 days mark post implementation. Through automated One-Touch email surveys, SpendHQ increased clarity on each customer account as it measured CSAT. It also enabled the company’s customer success team to step in immediately when a customer replied they were unsatisfied with the product or services. These check-ins proved crucial for increasing customer retention because it made sure each client saw the value SpendHQ promised. Moreover, GetFeedback’s Salesforce integration also made it easy to map feedback data into any standard or custom Object, pull response data into Salesforce dashboards, increase organization-wide transparency, and create accountability to ensure customer satisfaction.

SpendHQ survey 1

Take a pulse on your customers throughout the customer journey with an automated One-Touch email survey.

Consider the complete customer journey

After seeing the initial results of the CSAT surveys, SpendHQ’s Marketing and Demand Generation Manager, Corrina Owens, knew they could do more with GetFeedback:

“When building out a CX program, I didn’t just want to solve the latter end of the customer’s journey, I wanted to look at it holistically. After all, it's your customer’s experience with the company, not just the product, that will motivate them to stay.”

Corrina’s team broke apart their customer journey and quickly realized a major pain point: it was hard for their sales team to determine the likelihood of a deal closing. Sales representatives would engage interested prospects by holding customized hour-long product demos. However, deals would sometimes get stuck in limbo with representatives unsure of how to reengage prospects without coming off as too pushy. 

Corrina and her team knew that the customer experience started long before a contract was signed, and she was confident they could solve this problem by leveraging the same GetFeedback and Salesforce combination that had helped with onboarding new customers. 

Survey prospects to qualify leads and build partnerships

Since product demos were such an important step in the sales process, Corrina’s strategy targeted them as the obvious touchpoint for understanding what prospects were thinking and how to further engage with them. 

Using the same One-Touch emails that had delivered CSAT surveys, Corrina implemented a post-demo survey. The results were astounding. An hour after a demo ended, an automated email would be delivered to the participants. With a click of a button, participants could rate their demo experience, after which they could also provide detailed feedback and ask follow-up questions. 

Post demo survey SpendHQ

SpendHQ's weaved surveys into the Sales cycle to listen to the needs of its prospects.

This post-demo survey and the resulting feedback were important in several ways:

  • Enabled a low-pressure sales process. Whereas a sales rep following up shortly after a demo might come off as pushy, the surveys came across as helpful and caring. Corrina puts it this way: “It shows them that we’re engaged and care about how they’re experiencing the sales process, even when they’re not a client and even when they’re not paying for anything.”

  • Created clarity. Feedback enabled sales reps to better understand the client’s interest level and timeline, thereby helping them prioritize their sales pipeline.

  • Empowered a tailored approach to each prospect. SpendHQ used this feedback to segment prospects and to tailor their lead nurturing. Email campaigns, landing pages, and other marketing content were all personalized based on where the prospect was at in the buying process.

  • Helped them improve their product demos. Direct feedback on the demo experience enabled SpendHQ’s marketing and sales leaders to work with their teams and refine their demonstration process.

  • Demonstrated SpendHQ’s culture and values. Asking prospects for their feedback spoke volumes about how SpendHQ operated, even before the deal was closed. One of SpendHQ’s core principles is “People Matter Most.” By requesting feedback and responding quickly, they are able to demonstrate that they are a company that is invested in their customers’ success.

  • Sped up the sales process by 20% of the qualified pipeline. Prospects that responded to the surveys could share where they were in the buying process, giving sales reps insight into how to proceed with next steps. Insight into the client’s interest level and timeline helped prioritize SpendHQ’s sales pipeline.

The secret to delivering a great customer experience

SpendHQ is driven on delivering a great customer experience. After implementing the post-demo surveys, Corrina continues to think of new ways to weave additional surveys throughout the customer lifecycle, all with the same intent: to make sure the customers’ needs are met successfully. 

Corrina’s helpful advice for others in a similar place: “Ultimately, remember why your customers come to you for your product/solution in the first place...your CX program should look to always determine if you are still solving that same problem.”

SpendHQ has done a lot of work to lay the foundation of a great customer experience. If you’d like to do the same, you can try out GetFeedback for free today.

Corrina Owens Headshot

Corrina has over nine years of experience in developing and leading content generation across multiple media platforms for premium brands within large and entrepreneurial settings. In 2019, she spoke at Salesforce’s Dreamforce annual conference regarding her experience launching a CX program within her organization. She also volunteers her time to the Partnership Against Domestic Violence, the largest nonprofit domestic violence organization in Georgia, as a member of their Hearts with Hope Commit

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