Collect Quick, Actionable Feedback with Like/Dislike Questions

Empower your survey respondents to quickly tell you how they feel about a specific experience or piece of content with our new Like/Dislike question type.


Maura Rivera

February 13, 2018

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We’ve moved away from a world of lengthy, boring surveys and into a world of quick, transactional feedback. Today’s customer expects the process of providing company feedback to be simple and only a click away.

Here at GetFeedback we want to make it easy for companies to build surveys and easy for customers to engage with them. So we’ve rolled out a new Like/Dislike question type to help facilitate that.

Adding to our library of pre-built survey templates and question types, Like/Dislike is a quick and easy way to get a pulse on customer sentiment. Plus, it’s visually engaging, providing a great experience for the survey taker. Tap into thumbs down and thumbs up, unhappy face and happy face, or X mark and check mark questions to gauge sentiment on a specific experience or piece of content.

Choose from a variety of pre-built Like/Dislike templates

We put together a round-up of our favorite Like/Dislike use cases, as a bit of inspiration for your next feedback initiative.

Customer Experience Feedback:

Immediately after your customer interacts with your company, whether it’s after a support case is closed or a purchase is complete, greet them with a Like/Dislike survey question to understand how their experience went.

Pro Tip: Embed your Like/Dislike question right inside of your email to boost engagement with our One-Touch Email Surveys. Send the emails right from GetFeedback or export HTML and Visualforce Email Code into any ESP or Salesforce. In a recent test, one-touch email surveys tripled our response rates.

Help Article Feedback:

Are your help articles actually helping your customers? Embed a Like/Dislike survey question at the bottom of your help article to understand if your reader’s questions were answered in your support documentation. If the help article feedback is negative, follow up with a short answer question to understand why and update your content accordingly. Incorporating this help article feedback will make a dent on key support metrics like Customer Effort Score and will also help with case deflection.

Pro Tip: If you’re using Salesforce Communities, leverage GetFeedback’s Lightning Component to drag a survey right onto your community pages.

Opt-in Forms:

Want to quickly find out if prospects or customers would like to attend an upcoming event, participate in beta testing, or learn more about a certain product? Whip up a Like/Dislike survey that gives respondents a nice way to opt in (or out) of something, and follow up accordingly.

Pro Tip: Embed surveys and forms right on your website with GetFeedback’s Website Widget. You’ll get all the power of a GetFeedback survey on any page of your website without writing a single line of code.

Getting Started with Like/Dislike Question Type

The Like/Dislike question type is available now to all GetFeedback customers. To get started, add a new question to any survey and select “Like/Dislike.”

Check out our Complete Guide to Survey Question Types for an overview of our survey question types and best practices — everything you need to know to craft the perfect survey and collect high quality feedback.

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