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Measuring Up: Why We Moved to Customer Effort

How do you measure support quality? When we realized our Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) was inflated, we tried a new tactic: focusing on customer effort.

How to Make Your Customers Happy

Focusing on customer satisfaction on the frontline isn't enough. Here are 5 tactics to build a customer-centric philosophy that breeds happy customers.

Introducing GetFeedback Text Analytics

GetFeedback Text Analytics examines open-ended feedback in real time and surfaces the keywords and phrases that matter most, so you can spot trends faster.

What Makes an Awesome Admin Awesome?

Salesforce Admins play a critical business role, but they often fly below the radar. We asked two MVPs to tell us what makes an Awesome Admin awesome.

12 Years of Dreamfest [Infographic]

Salesforce goes big for Dreamfest. Take a look at the bands who've headlined in the past and guess who will take the stage this year. You could win a pass!

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