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Each GetFeedback survey has GetFeedback brand assets included on it by default. To hide the GetFeedback brand, or substitute in your own branding assets, you’ll want to use our whitelabeling tool. 

Whitelabeling works on the account level - so once it is turned on, it will take effect for all surveys within your account, even for surveys created and sent prior to white-labeling being turned on in your Account Settings. 

Account-Wide Whitelabeling

To remove the GetFeedback logo from the bottom of each of your your surveys, you'll want to:

  1. Select Settings on the main menu bar on the left side of the survey builder screen. 

  2. Navigate to Whitelabeling > Edit

  3. Toggle the button labeled Remove GetFeedback Branding to On 

  4. Then, Upload Logo for your brand. 

Upload Your Own Logo

While on this page, you can also upload your own logo which will remove the GetFeedback logo from all of your surveys and replace it at the bottom of your all of your survey footer with your own.

Changing the logo here, will change it for all surveys in your account, including surveys in your team members' accounts.

To remove the GetFeedback logo, click Upload logo on the bottom of the page. Select a logo from your computer, or by searching Google, and select Done to add it to the bottom of all of your survey footers.

Upload Image > Done

Setting your Physical Address

Some survey distribution options are set up to support a customized physical mail address at the bottom of the email survey template

If you're distributing your survey with Automate with GetFeedback using Salesforce, or Send to a list with GetFeedback, add your organization's mailing address at the bottom of your email under the header labeled Enter a contact address (optional)

Address Update

Uploading Logos to Individual Surveys

In some instances, you may want to include different logos on your separate surveys. In addition to the account-wide whitelabeling options listed above, we allow for logos to be added individually on a per-survey basis. These logos will override the GetFeedback logo as well as any account-wide logos added from the main Account Settings screen.

To add a logo to an individual survey - head into that specific survey's Settings page, scroll to the bottom, and select Upload Logo.

A whitelabel logo on an individual survey will override your account-wide logo. This is great for organizations that want to use a standard logo across the account but switch up the logo for certain surveys to match one of their brands.


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