Using Survey Responses to Create Salesforce Reports and Dashboards

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Once you've built your GetFeedback Custom Mappings and built your email template with Salesforce aware merge fields, you can build custom Reports and Dashboards in Salesforce.

Getting Started

In this example, we have mapped an "Overall Customer Satisfaction" field into our Contact and Account Records. Now we can build a report that groups customer satisfaction (CSAT) responses by score.


We can also apply special formula fields to the data as well. Let's use a Net Promoter Score (NPS) type question in this next example. Under the NPS data field in our custom object, we'll add a formula that looks like this:

  • A score of 9 or 10 is categorized as "Promoter"

  • A score of 7 or 8 is categorized as "Passive"

  • A score of 6 or less is categorized as "Detractor"

This custom formula field on your object will translate the numerical score into a Net Promoter Score category, which you can then use to display in Reports and Dashboards. Here's an example of a formula used to determine the value of a custom field "Net Promoter Score" that could be used to create a report that groups responses using Promoter, Detractor, or Passive parameters:


There are many ways to report on survey response data within Salesforce. Of course, once these Reports are complete, it is simple to create Salesforce Dashboards based on those Reports, as shown in the example below:


You can edit, delete, and add new Reports and Dashboards within Salesforce as needed.

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