Using Merge Fields to Personalize a Survey

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GetFeedback users can use merge fields to track customer information and personalize surveys.

Include merge fields to personalize your survey whether you are sending from a CRM, or an email service provider. You might use a merge field to pull in the name of the support agent on a case closed satisfaction survey to track the performance of your support team.

Get acquainted with merge fields here in our help center

How to Add Merge Fields to Your Survey

Customize a Survey with Merge Fields

Consider which merge field values you want to bring into your survey. For a product review survey, you would include the name of the recipient and the product they are reviewing.  For a customer satisfaction survey, you would include the name of the recipient and the case owner name or case number.

Once you've identified what information you want to bring in - you can build your email campaign using your favorite email marketing tool.


For example, you want to send your customer a survey to review their recent support interaction. The customer will receive an email from you with the following link, where we are pulling in the customer name and the agent name.This unique link pulls the merge field values from your mailing list, and fills them in dynamically when you send the email. Without merge fields, the survey is anonymous.


Hide your survey URL behind a hyperlink, button, or image within your email to avoid displaying messy merge fields. Many of our tools, like email exports, do this for you.

Now that you've added merge fields to your survey URL, you can add merge fields into the body of your GetFeedback survey as well.

Place square brackets around the merge field name and GetFeedback will treat them as merge fields within the body of the survey. In our example, we would place [NAME] and [AGENT] in our survey - to pull that information into the survey from the URL. You can add these merge fields anywhere in the body of the GetFeedback survey :

Survey title page with merge fields

When Sandy takes the survey, the [NAME] syntax will be replaced with Sandy and [AGENT] will be replaced with Josh, the support agent.

Send a Survey with Salesforce Merge Fields

You can add merge fields for personalization throughout your survey, including in a question, response option, or call to action. Take the name of the merge field (the data before the '=' symbol) and place it between brackets within your survey. It will then display the contact's name within your survey wherever [ContactName] appears.

For example, your link within your Salesforce email template might look like:{!Contact.Name}&Agent={!CaseOwner}

When you send the survey, the Salesforce merge field syntax is replaced with the value for the field ContactName - and the user will receive the following unique link within their email:

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