Understanding Your Survey Responses

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When you're ready to review your GetFeedback survey results, you can access your survey responses by navigating to Results > Responses.


Getting Started

We'll take a look at two components of the survey responses page: 

  • the line by line survey responses 

  • the responses export tool.

Each line of responses shows a timestamp for survey completion and response details so you can evaluate individual responses. 

At the top of the Responses page is an Export Responses button. Any GetFeedback survey can be exported in Microsoft Excel format (.XLSX) or Comma Separated Values format (.CSV).  

Line by Line Responses

Each line in your Survey Response page is an entry from a survey session from your participants.


You'll see three columns on the far left of the survey responses page for all of your surveys. These columns offer options for wrangling your survey responses:

  1. The column on the furthest left, the waste bin, allows you to delete individual survey responses, delete all of your survey responses, or select survey responses to re-sync them to Salesforce. Deleting survey responses will not affect your response limit. 

  2. The second column from the left, the play button, allows you to playback the survey session as your participant saw it, this allows you to check for display or data errors in your survey that you might have missed in your survey tests.

  3. The third column, the upload cloud, is an indicator for the status of the survey response mappings to Salesforce or Pardot. A blue "checkmark" indicates a successful mapping while a red "i" indicates all or part of the mapping failed. Clicking this icon will provide more details. Learn more about troubleshooting Salesforce response mappings.

Exporting Survey Responses

The majority of spreadsheet applications support .XLSX and .CSV formatted data for more detailed analysis or custom charting. Export your survey responses by clicking Export Responses in the top right corner of your survey responses table. From there, you'll set your export preferences, click Start Export and then Download the file once it is prepared 

Check out our article on exporting response details for more information on this feature.

Viewing Incomplete Survey Responses

When running through your survey responses line by line, you’ll see that only completed responses are displayed. GetFeedback doesn't reveal incomplete survey responses on the survey response page, include them in dashboard analytics, or add them to your summary report data.

If you'd like to retrieve  incomplete survey responses, you can export them. Click Export Responses. in the pop up modal, check the Include Incomplete Responses checkbox, and set your other preferences as desired. Then, Start Export and Download.


Once your export has been prepared, it will appear on the screen and you can download it to view your full survey responses including incomplete responses.


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