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Sending GetFeedback survey invitations via SMS is a quick and easy way to connect with your on-the-go customers. We’re excited to empower our GetFeedback for Salesforce customers to expand their survey distribution options with survey invitations for SMS.

Please note: At this time, we’re only able to send SMS to phone numbers based in the US, Australia, Canada, Finland, Ireland, the UK, France, and Sweden.

Here's a quick how-to guide on how to send surveys via SMS

Sending SMS Invitations

Warning: Using the Live survey for automations

Build your automation in the Live version of your survey. When you publish your survey, any Draft settings will be erased and can’t be recovered. Your Draft settings won't be published to the Live email.

From your survey, select Distribute > SMS.

Draft your custom SMS message. Include your company name in your custom message and check the box below.


Choose the Salesforce object that will trigger your SMS invitation, then pull in the Salesforce object you’d like to use to retrieve your customer phone numbers. Finally, pull in any additional fields that you’d like to use to track, personalize, or filter your survey responses later on. You can use merge fields to personalize your SMS message too. 

Please note: When sending to non-US recipients, international phone numbers must be in an E.164 format in Salesforce to pull the phone number field without issue. E.164 notation means that all spaces, dashes and parentheses are removed. The only non-numeric character should be the leading '+'

SMS Merge Fields

Personalize your SMS Message

SMS survey invitations can be personalized using merge fields. Click the blue Personalize button on the body of your custom message to add the merge fields you've pulled in from Salesforce to personalize your survey invitation message. 

Adding merge fields will make the character count dynamic and may result in additional SMS messages and charges.


When you're finished, Save SMS Settings at the bottom of the SMS builder. If the button is grey, confirm that you’ve included your company name in your custom message field and consented to using merge fields.


We ask you to do this because GetFeedback only has one “short code,” from which to send SMS invitations to US recipients. It’s possible that customers of multiple GetFeedback clients may receive SMS messages from different GetFeedback clients in the same thread, so it’s very important that your custom message includes your company name, so your customers can identify you.


Finally, once you’ve saved your SMS settings, you can click to view the outbound message in your Salesforce environment by clicking View In Salesforce.


Trigger the SMS Invitation with a Salesforce Flow

If you haven’t already, set up a flow in Salesforce to trigger the outbound message we’ve created. Since you’ve already selected the object which will trigger the message, you’ll need to choose the action that will start the chain of events to send off your SMS.

Once your flow is created, attach your new Outbound message and Save your changes. You’ve completed all of the steps necessary to start sending your GetFeedback outbound messages. If you make changes to your SMS Invitation in GetFeedback, be sure to save your SMS settings, this will automatically update the outbound message in Salesforce.

To be sure things are working as expected, we always recommend testing your flow and enabling your SMS Invitations.

Unsubscribing and Resubscribing from SMS

When distributing a survey invitation through SMS, your recipient will receive a link to complete the survey. The recipient can respond "STOP" to unsubscribe from SMS survey invitations and "START" to resume them. If the survey recipient responds to the SMS with text other than "STOP" or "START" they will receive instructions on how to properly complete the survey. Instructions will be sent only once per survey invite.

Distribution Statistics

Review your SMS distribution statistics, unsubscribes, bounces, and open rates by navigating to View Results and choosing Distribution from the dropdown.

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