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Slack Notifications

Set up Slack notifications to ping your team about incoming survey responses with GetFeedback Actions. Send out a post in Slack when you receive a high CSAT survey score, or when a customer needs a follow up after a low annual NPS. 

Send response notifications to Slack using the GetFeedback Slack Integration. Use this Slack integration to post to a public channel, @ your teammates, or send a direct message. 

Like with other GetFeedback notifications, you’ll write up the text of the Slack message and trigger the Slack post using tooling on the GetFeedback Actions page. 

Best Practices

Trigger Slack notifications using the GetFeedback Actions tooling. We collected a few different use cases where you might like to send a Slack message out as a notification. 

  • Notify CSM of low cx score

  • Notify CSM manager upon escalation

  • Create a high scoring lead notification for sales/BDR

  • Create churn notification for CSM

  • Create support notification for technical help

  • Escalate support notification

Connect GetFeedback to Slack

To set up Slack notifications with GetFeedback, you’ll first need to connect GetFeedback and Slack. To do this, navigate to Integrations > Slack > Edit > Slack Access Control. On the Slack control page, you can check the Connection Status to see if the apps are connected, or if the integration is still pending. 


Slack workspace permissions can vary, so you may need approval from your Slack admin to install the GetFeedback Slackbot. If that’s the case - connecting to Slack from this page should send a request to your Slack admin to install the GetFeedback integration. When they approve, you should receive a ping in Slack that the integration is complete.


If you are a Slack admin, or have appropriate permissions, your GetFeedback and Slack integration will set up automatically after you connect the applications from the Slack Control page.

Custom Slack Notification

  1. Select Post to Slack in the Select an option drop-down. If Post to Slack is selected before the integration is configured, you’ll see an error message.

  2. Choose the Slack workspace you’ll post to. If you have only one Slack Workspace we’ll select it for you.

  3. Choose where the Slack Message will be posted, in a DM or public channel.

  4. Check the box labeled Include Question and Responses in Slack Message.

  5. Type up your Slack message.

  6. Check the box labeled Include Questions and Responses in Slack Message if you'd like to show the text of the response notification.


Post to Channel

  • Invite GetFeedbackApp bot to the Slack channel where you'd like to post response notifications. 

  • When you choose Post to Channel, select from a list of public channels in your Slack Workspace that GetFeedbackApp bot is in.

  • +@ mention a user to ping a member of your team to take action on this feedback.

  • The user dropdown will show a filtered list of Slack users who are in the channel you’ve selected.

  • To @ multiple users, select each one individually from this list.

Send a Direct Message

  • When you choose Send a Direct Message, you’ll select from a list of Slack users who are in the selected Workspace.

  • We do not support group DMs at this time. 

  • +@ mention user is not available for DMs. 

  • Slack DMs are only available by request - please reach out to to have it enabled.


Slack Message Field

  1. Type the Slack message.

  2. + Insert Variable to open the merge field modal. Any merge fields you’ve already pulled into the survey should be available to insert.


3.+@ mention a user in the body of the message, if needed.


View the Post in Slack

  • Slack post will include static message in the header.


  • Body of the post has your custom text in it.

  • Merge fields replaced by records e.g. NW Sprouts.

  • @Username.

View Response

  • Choose View Response, to be redirected to Results > Responses > Individual response detail view.

If you've checked the box labeled Include Questions and Responses in Slack Message your slack notification will unfurl with the response text right in Slack.


View the Response

Viewing the individual response in your survey response table can help you contextualize your survey response in GetFeedback.


The individual response detail includes:

  • The date and time since the response was collected.

  • Response data including question and answers.

  • Merge field data attached to the response.

  • Email Button- if email address is included as a merge field, clicking the email button will trigger a new email draft for email follow up.

  • Case ID- if Salesforce case ID is included as a merge field, clicking the case link will open the case in Salesforce.

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