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Each GetFeedback plan includes a limited number of responses. If you exceed your survey response limit, please reach out to our Sales team to discuss upgrade options to unlock your limited survey responses. 

We'll send you a warning before and after you reach your survey response limit. If you reach or exceed your response limit, your account and surveys will stay active. We'll continue to collect and store those additional survey responses, and you'll be asked to upgrade your account to unlock those responses over your limit. 

Responses don’t roll over to the next month or plan term. To review collected responses from the period when your response limit was exceeded, you’ll need to purchase additional survey responses with help from the GetFeedback Sales team. Please reach out to to let us know which plan you're interested in and how many responses you're projecting to receive per month.

Resync Responses 

If you’ve received survey responses in excess of your response limit, and you’ve since unlocked them, you’ll want to sync those missing responses to Salesforce to make sure your Salesforce data is up to date. 

If you have a lot of missing or failed responses, or your using Managed Mappings please reach out to to see how we can help.

Resync responses in a batch

  • From the Custom Mapping page, press the Sync Responses  button in the top right corner.

  • You'll see a modal appear where you can choose to re-sync failed responses, missing responses, or all responses. This process will not create duplicate Salesforce records for responses, only push failed responses or update existing ones using the newly created custom mappings.

  • Choose Sync Missing Responses to push those excess responses to Salesforce. 

  • Monitor the progress of your resync by navigating to View Results >  Responses for your survey. You'll see a blue checkmark appear on the left-hand side of each response as it is synced correctly.


Resync individual responses

If you only need to re-sync a few responses using Custom mappings, you can do this by navigating to Results > Responses. Check the box in the left side column to select the response and choose which action you'd like to perform. From this menu, you can delete or sync the selected response. 

resync individual response

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