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You might need to retroactively sync survey responses into Salesforce after your survey has been distributed, or when you make a change to your Salesforce instance, or add a new mapping.

Regardless of your situation, we've created a tool for you to use so that you can re-sync your survey responses into Salesforce easily.

Getting Started

Before you sync your responses into Salesforce, you'll need to make sure that you have your mappings built correctly. Using the Salesforce mapping tool, you'll select where your survey responses should sit within your Salesforce account. We have a great step-by-step document on how to do this, but recommend checking in with your Salesforce admin too.

Once your mappings are set up, take a moment to run through taking a survey to ensure these mappings are working as you'd expect.

Resync Multiple Responses for Custom Mappings

  • Navigate back to your Salesforce tab and into the Custom Mapping tab.

  • On the Custom Mapping page, press the re-sync icon in the top right-hand corner.


After you click the re-sync icon, you'll see a modal appear where you can choose to re-sync only failed responses or re-sync all responses. This process will not create duplicate Salesforce records for responses, only push failed responses or update existing ones using the newly created custom mappings.


If you choose to Sync All Responses, this might take a long time to sync, or you might hit your Salesforce API limit, depending on how many responses you've collected on your survey already. We recommend checking in with your Salesforce admin before resyncing all responses.

Once you've chosen which responses to sync, you can check the status of the re-sync on the Responses page for your survey. You'll see a small blue checkmark appear on the left-hand side of each response as it is synced correctly.

Re-Sync Individual Responses from the Responses Table

If you only need to re-sync a few responses using Custom or Managed mappings, you can do this from your 'Responses' table. Simply check the box in the left side column and choose which action you'd like to perform delete, or sync, the selected responses.


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