Product Release Notes

April 2022

As of April 2022, GetFeedback is excited to announce our newest features to help our customers take control of their CX programs by executing programs in hours, and scaling strategies in days.

Case Closed Program for Salesforce, with Program Accelerator

Program Accelerator allows you to quickly build and launch turnkey CX programs with just a few clicks. Within our Programs library, you can choose from a variety of always-on CX programs, such as rNPS and Case Closed programs. Learn more about Program Accelerator here.

Our newest program is Case Closed for the Salesforce users. With this template, users can build out flows, customize email templates, map Salesforce fields, and add actions all within our platform. Monitor critical KPIs from your program with out-of-the-box Insights Workspaces to monitor success rates and pivot your program as needed.


Learn more about Case Closed Program for Salesforce here.

Standard events for App feedback

When a customer creates a campaign for feedback on Apps, we now offer the most common use-cases for customer behavior events. Offering 6 standard event options, GetFeedback users can now start collecting feedback Apps immediately for iOS and Android users.

Standardized events of App feedback surveys

Increased Security & Privacy Improvements

Previously, customers and prospects were hesitant to use open-text survey questions due to the possibility of unintentional PII (personally identifying information) collection. With our new PII Masker, in addition to the standard feature of masking: any email address written in an open text format is now masked, and/or anything with a string of numbers ranging up to 5 digits, we’re now giving GetFeedback users have complete control of patterns they would want to masked in ensure no unintentional PII is every stored, never falling into a grey area of liability.

Learn more about setting data masking here.

In addition, we’re happy to announce that all GetFeedback links now run on HTTPS, just giving our customer extra peace of mind that all information is routed information stays within the highest set of security measures.

Embedded Listener Improvements

We’re happy to announce that implementing Embedded Listener across your channels just got a whole lot easier to deploy and iterate changes those surveys across novelty touch points. With our new API delivery, every survey update is now dynamically updated within Embedded Listener, meaning less development time and more time for you to understand the customers outcomes and strategies to make improvements across your business.

Embedded Listener - Airport Kiosk

Learn more about Embedded Listener here.

PSST - down here!

You may have heard, our team has been hard at work building a GetFeedback+Zendesk integration! If you're interested in participating in our early access program, sign up for the waitlist here!

September 2021

As of September 2021, GetFeedback is excited to provide multiple integration enhancements to help users accelerate their CX programs by embedding the Voice of the Customer across their business.

Slack integration enhancements for your digital channels.

To build personalized experiences at scale, the entire organization needs full visibility into each customer’s experience and journey, easily and fast. With GetFeedback’s enhanced Slack integration through the Slack App Directory, admins can now set-up conditions and feedback logic to send immediate Slack notifications to multiple channels. With the Slack integration, multiple teams within an organization can have instant visibility when feedback is submitted, create accountability across teams and de-escalate issues before they grow.

Slack integration enhancements for Insights & Workspaces

Learn more about our new updates for Slack integration here.

Salesforce integration enhancements for your digital channels.

The new Salesforce integration, any digital channel feedback response can be mapped to any field on any custom object within Salesforce. Objects and fields can be updated or created each time while syncing responses to Salesforce.

Additionally, all feedback can be mapped conditionally based on the value of the response, allowing customers to either map only the most important feedback or all of it into Salesforce.

Our new Salesforce integration even supports matching while updating. For example, this allows you to match a user by email address or any text field, making it easy to update the right object in Salesforce with the new feedback. Now your digital CX data can be easily associated with the operational data to build reports or provide business context on customer feedback.

Salesforce integration for digital enhancements

Learn more about the Salesforce integration here.

Salesforce managed app for GetFeedback


After securely connecting the new app to GetFeedback through an API token, aggregate response and delivery data for Salesforce-connected surveys will be automatically populated within the new app. This will allow you to view and share aggregate survey scores for NPS, CSAT, and CES, and will provide distribution metrics for every GetFeedback survey connected to Salesforce.

The app’s homepage will show the most recent surveys and will allow you to explore all connected surveys. The pre-built reports for each of the key metrics include aggregate scores, trending over time, or scores by account, all directly from within your Salesforce CRM.

Salesforce Managed App

Learn more about setting your Salesforce managed app here.

February 2021

GetFeedback supports Pardot's switch to SSO logins

If you enable SSO for the integration user you will have to delete and re-add the connection. Old connections should still continue to work without SSO for that particular integration as old API calls should be supported until June 2021 with some outages.

GetFeedback supports SSO for Version 3 and Version 4 of Pardot (but not 5, yet.)

Update your Pardot connection to SSO:

  • Create a new integration user on Pardot

  • Enable Salesforce SSO for that user

  • Create new Pardot connections in GF with the new user

  • Test your mappings with this new connections, then remove the old connections and old connecting user.

September 2020

The New GetFeedback Cust Ex Platform


Unified Login
For joint customers of GetFeedback and Usabilla, you’ll now have one unified place to log in. For GetFeedback only customers, please note the login destination url has changed, but the login experience is the same. Continue to use to login. With this update, if you’ve previously had your credentials saved in your browser or password manager, you’ll need to enter them manually the first time you log in.

Availability of GetFeedback Digital
The menu now includes GetFeedback Digital, which is our solution for running digital feedback programs.

New Analytics Capabilities
In the side menu, you’ll see a new option, Workspaces. This new analytics experience allows you to aggregate feedback across multiple surveys. Leverage Workspaces to bring data from both applications together in one centralized place. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager who can walk you through these changes. We’ll be unveiling these product updates at our inaugural CX Impact Summit on 10/13 in North America and 10/15 in EMEA. Register here and tune into our Product Keynote to learn more.

August 2020

The New GetFeedback UI
In case you missed it, we recently launched a brand new user interface (UI) that’s modern, intuitive, and designed with you in mind. Not only does this improve your experience with GetFeedback, it also gives us the ability to build innovative features that enhance CX management in the future.

The new GetFeedback UI is now available and will permanently transition on September 1st. Sign into the app and watch our new product tour video to get started. 
Available for All Plans
Learn More

Slack Notifications
Our new Slack integration immediately alerts your teams of time-sensitive feedback inside their most essential communication tool. Easily set up notifications to a public Slack channel and include relevant information—such as account name, feedback score, and survey responses—so teams can quickly respond to each individual customer. 
Included in Corporate, Commercial, and Premier Plans
Learn More

Updated Login Flow
In an effort to streamline our login flow, we will be removing the option to sign-in to GetFeedback with a Magic Link effective Tuesday, September 1st. While this option will no longer be available, you can continue to sign-in with your email and password. If you need to recover a forgotten password, please follow the link on the sign-in page.

May 2020

Salesforce Dynamic Task Assignment
Automatically trigger feedback alerts to internal teams so they can take immediate action and show customers you care.
Dynamic Task Assignment, allows users to create a single action that dynamically assigns all tasks to the appropriate person.
Simplify configuration and reduce effort required for proper maintenance.
Included in all Salesforce plans

API Email Send
Pass email addresses through our API to quickly and easily send survey invitations from GetFeedback.
Quick setup and easier automation when collecting customer feedback via email.
Included in Premier plans

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