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GetFeedback's one click email embed feature lets you embed a survey question directly into your email as a button or hide it behind a hyperlink. We'll use NPS as an example, but you could also embed a CES, CSAT, Rating, Like/Dislike, or Multiple Choice question directly in your email.

This article is just about building survey links for an HTML email that you'll build from scratch. If you'd like to use an email template GetFeedback builds for you instead - check out Send from another email provider.

Getting Started

First build your GetFeedback survey. For one click embedded surveys, we recommend creating a survey with only one question! That way, when the embedded question is answered, the survey is automatically submitted.

If you want to include a follow up question in your survey, that's no problem either, the respondent will need to click "Submit" at the end of the survey to complete it.

Once you've got your survey built the way you like it, the next thing you'll need to do is, remove the title page from your survey. If a title page is included, it will prompt the survey respondent to start the survey again from the beginning and the initial response from your embedded email will not be recorded.

To remove the title page, simply click on the "X" icon on the top right-hand corner in the survey builder (see picture). You'll know your survey doesn't have a title page when that tile reads Include a Title Page.


Create the Links for Your HTML Template

Once you’ve built your survey, you’ll notice a Copy Embed Link button appear on the customization panel on the right-hand side. Click on this button to copy the embed link directly to your clipboard. This will copy the unique URL that we'll need to start building the links within our HTML email. Once you have the URL copied to your clipboard, you can start to build the links in your email template.


From your HTML email builder, you'll paste the embed link and customize it for each response option. Following our example, because NPS questions have eleven different response options, you’ll want to create eleven different links - each link represents a possible answer to your NPS question (0-10).

Now we can create a link for each possible answer by pasting the URL into your HTML template. It will look something like this:[8571]=

Paste the unique URL in your HTML template for each possible answer choice. For this example, we'll paste it 11 times for our possible 0-11 answers.We'll then add what the URL for each answer option at the end, after the = sign.[8571]=0[8571]=1[8571]=2[8571]=3[8571]=4[8571]=5[8571]=6[8571]=7[8571]=8[8571]=9[8571]=10


If you need images for your response option "buttons" - we recommend checking out Material Icons to download some.

These instructions work the same way for a Rating question- grab the embed url on the right-hand menu in your survey and assign the unique value to each URL.

Your HTML will look a bit like this:

<a href="[8571]=0">
<img src="imagelinkfor0" alt="0">

HTML above specifically creates the image for the "0" answer choice in an NPS question, and if it is clicked within your survey email, it will automatically submit the response of zero for that recipient. If your question has eleven possible answers (like an NPS question allowing for 0-10), you'll have eleven pieces of HTML like the above, one for each answer.

Embed Like/Dislike Question

The process for finding your embed link for Like/Dislike questions is the same as described above - you'll just need to know which values to assign to which option: 1 for Like, 0 for Neutral, and -1 for Dislike. When attached to the URL, that will look like:




Embed Customer Satisfaction Question

  • Copy the Embed link for your CSAT question by clicking Get Embed Links

  • Copy and paste as many links from the question as you have response options. For a standard CSAT question, you'll have 5 options.

  • Then, paste the value for each response option at the end of the survey link

    Very Unsatisfied-[6429034]=1




    Very Satisfied-[6429034]=-5

Embed Multiple Choice Questions

  • If you want to embed a multiple choice question, creating the unique answer links is a bit different.

  • Copy the Embed link for your Multiple choice question by clicking Get Embed Links.

  • In the pop up,  select each answer choice to copy the unique URL. The URLs in your HTML template let you pop each response option into your email.

  • If you embed a multiple choice question where users can select more than one option, the user will select an answer in the email and then a window will pop up with the first choice selected, and the option to choose additional answers.

  • For example, I have the option to choose more than one answer on my question, so when a user clicks "Billing" in the email, they will be shown the mutliple choice question again, with the option to choose additional answers

  • If you have comment enabled questions set up, users will see a similar view where they can enter their comments.

Setting up an HTML Email Template in Salesforce

  • Let's run through how you might set up an embedded survey link using an HTML email template in Salesforce. We'll use a Rating question as the example.

    We've already added a bit of text into my email template alongside the code for the button images above as that's what we'll be using to create my embedded question.

    First, we're going to grab that embed link and paste it into our HTML email template:

  • kA61J0000005oj0SAA_en_US_1_50
  • We'll add in the score that we want to link with this URL.

  • Copy and past the images I want to use as "buttons" for my response options in the email.

  • Finally, we'll follow this same process for all five rating question options and press Save.


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