Managing your Team's Salesforce Integration

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Team administrators can manage how each team member connects to Salesforce:                                

  • Team administrators can activate their team's Salesforce connections at the account level.

  • Team administrators can enable or disable mappings permissions for each team member.

  • All team members can manage which Salesforce organization they’ll connect their surveys to.

Getting Started

The Access Control Interface

If you're a team administrator, access your team Salesforce settings via your account administrator's login. Navigate to the left side navigation and choose Integrations > Salesforce.


The toggle for Can Add Connections is always on by default for team administrators. Admins can change this setting for each team member by toggling the button in the Can Add Connections column.

This page lists all active members of your GetFeedback team. If the team account has more than one Salesforce connection, you can assign permissions on this page. This lets the admin assign who can access which Salesforce connection. Set permissions by toggling the Can Add Connections button to the right of each team member's name.

Team members with Salesforce privileges can use the + button on the team member's card to connect them to a Salesforce organization.


To the right of the +Add Connection button, you'll see how many Salesforce connections you have remaining for your account.

usage remaining Salesforce connections

Connecting your Survey to Salesforce

When you access the Salesforce Tab for each individual survey (viewing your survey in the Survey Builder, click on the Salesforce tab at the top of the screen), you'll now be able to select the Salesforce org you'd like this individual survey to be mapped to.

Navigate to Edit Draft > Mappings to choose your Managed or Custom Mappings.


Select the Salesforce org by clicking on the dropdown menu in the top left-hand corner of the page, noted by a blue arrow in the image above. Select the org you'd like to use (remember, if a team member only has access to your Sandbox org, for example, they'll only be able to select Sandbox from this menu), and you can begin building your mappings


We've selected to map this survey to our Production organization.

If you'd like to switch between a Sandbox and Production org, for example, you can simply use the same dropdown menu to select the new org you'd like the survey mappings to point to. You'll see a warning, asking you to ensure that the mappings still work properly on the new org you've selected before going live. We always suggest sending a test when you move between orgs.


At this time, test responses to a survey once connected to a Sandbox will still exist when you switch to Production, or vice versa. If you'd like to keep test responses separate, you may choose to copy your survey and use one copy for Sandbox and one copy for Production responses.

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