Introduction to Survey Summary Reports

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The GetFeedback Summary Report is simple - GetFeedback takes your survey responses and packages them into visualizations. You can find your summary report by navigating to the View Results > Summary.


Summary Report Visualizations

Each question type has a pre-built visualization associated with it, so all your survey questions will get a simple, shareable data presentation that updates live on the web. These visualizations are a great way to share findings with team members, stakeholders, or even with internal or external customers. Below are some examples of the different types of question visualizations:

Multiple Choice Grid


Slider Bar question


Ranking question


The ranking question shows the average ranking of each choice. The colors represent the percentage of total respondents who ranked each option in that place.

Image Choice question


Rating question


Net Promoter Score


Customer Satisfaction Score


Customer Effort Score


Sharing and Printing your Summary Report

GetFeedback allows you to easily share or print your summary report. Simply navigate to your summary report and click on the share this report or print icon as seen here:

Share This Report Summary report

Clicking the Share this report icon will add a shareable link of the report to your clipboard which you can easily paste and share.

Clicking on the print icon, will open a new tab with a print-ready summary report for you. From there, you can navigate to your browser's file tab to print the report. The printable summary report does not show responses to Short Answer or Form questions as this can make the printable summary quite long.

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