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Workspaces is our Analysis feature that lets you analyze survey Feedback easily.

In Workspaces you can:

  • Create and share charts based on NPS, Mood or Rating questions

  • Merge or compare results from different surveys or forms to track and report on your main KPIs

  • Filter and manipulate the data to uncover opportunities

  • Share a story that is meaningful and impactful to your organization.

How do I access Workspaces?

GetFeedback navigation > Workspaces

In your GetFeedback account, click Workspaces in the left side navigation bar. To make things super easy, you can use your existing credentials to log in to Workspaces.

So now that we've got you into Workspaces, let's talk about the things you can do in this beautiful new environment. In Workspaces we have two types of user roles, Admins and Users.

How do I use Workspaces?

A workspace is an environment that allows you to combine and segment feedback. Admins can create as many workspaces as they would like. Users with other roles will need to be invited to a workspace, where they will be able to create charts. Within a single workspace, you will be able to create as many charts as you want and share that workspace with as many users in your organization as you want.

Within a workspace, you have the ability to create a chart based on a question type (e.g. NPS, Mood and Rating) from campaigns forms created in. You can choose a question type from different campaigns and combine the data from these campaigns to visualize it in different ways. For example, combine NPS scores from multiple campaigns and visualize them in a trendline to uncover key insights over time, then allow the relevant people within your organization to see these results

Before jumping in the fun, it is important to think about how you'd like to structure your workspaces. To help you get started we'd like to suggest a couple of points that can help in setting up a structure in your Workspaces environment. Before setting up your workspace, think about the following points:

Who should have access to all/a specific workspace(s)?
What is the key objective that will be monitored in a specific workspace?
What kind of charts will be created in a workspace?
What goal do you have in mind when creating a workspace?
Use a naming convention for your workspaces and charts to ensure that everyone in your team can understand it.

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