Getting Started with Text Analytics

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Text Analytics helps your organization analyze customer comments in real time.You and your team will be empowered to spot trends in customer comments and take action to fix issues and improve customer relationships.

Getting Started

Text Analytics only works for Short Answer questions at this time. Comment fields cannot be run through our Text Analytics feature.

To get started with Text Analytics, navigate to your survey dashboards in the left side navigation.


This will open up your dashboard view, where you can start to create a beautiful, shareable dashboard with all of your survey insights, including text analytics.

If you haven't created a dashboard yet, you’ll be asked to start one at this time. Read more about Getting Started with Dashboards before proceeding. Otherwise, press the New Dashboards button to begin.

Next, name your dashboard, and select which mode you’d like the dashboard to be in. Night mode will be a darker color theme, and day mode will present you with a lighter color theme.


Select the first survey that you’d like to pull information from. You can pull different survey responses into one dashboard from multiple surveys in your account, but you'll need to select this first one to get started.


Finally, select which option you’d like to begin with: our pre-bundled best practice tiles (we recommend starting here) or you can select to create your own dashboard, one tile at a time. Any tile in our pre-bundled package is available for you to create individually as well, so you can mix and match the tiles that present your feedback best.


If you select our best-practice text analytics bundle, we’ll create a dashboard for you with all of our recommended text analytics tiles, including: comment sentiment threshold meters, comment sentiment trending graphs, positive keywords, negative keywords, and comment streams from the past 30 days. You can customize all of these tiles by clicking on the eclipse icon in the bottom right of each tile and selecting Edit.


Tile Design Overview

One thing to keep in mind while creating your Text Analytics dashboard is that you can have several different types of tile designs to choose from. Some tile designs will work better than others to convey your story and we'll go through each below in depth. You'll see the option to view your data load using our different tile types in the edit menu on the right side.


From left to right: Comment Stream, Emerging Positive Keywords, Emerging Negative Keywords, Emerging Positive & Negative Keywords, Threshold, and Sentiment Trends over time.

Text Analytics are powered by Google Natural Language Processing service. Due to this, sentiment and text analysis cannot be altered by us, including adding positive or negative keywords to your dashboard tiles.

Please note: Text Analytics is only available on some GetFeedback for Salesforce plans.

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