Getting Started with GetFeedback Managed Mapping to Salesforce

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GetFeedback Managed Mappings for Salesforce offers a simple way to push survey responses into your Salesforce organization.

Note: Managed Mappings can’t create new records or push response data to Standard or Custom objects. If you want to send data to Standard or Custom objects, create cases based on survey responses, or map survey answers to multiple fields, use GetFeedback Custom Mapping instead.

Managed Mapping Video Guide

Installing the Managed Package

To use Managed Mappings, you need to install a small package in your Salesforce organization. 

  1. Connect your Salesforce organization to GetFeedback.

  2. From your survey, go to Mappings > Salesforce Managed Mappings. Make sure you’re in Draft mode.

  3. Select the Salesforce organization to push Draft or Live responses to.

  4. Select Install Managed Package.

  5. Follow the instructions on the screen to install the package.

  6. When installation is complete, go back to GetFeedback.

  7. Turn on the toggle to Sync to Salesforce using Managed Mappings.

Customizing Page Layouts in Salesforce

To better view a contact’s survey responses in Salesforce, your admin can add the Response and Answer objects to the Contact Page Layout. After changing the page layout, you can view someone’s survey responses on their Contact record. 

To customize the Contact Page Layout in Salesforce:

  1. In Salesforce, go to Setup.

  2. Go to Object Manager.

  3. Go to the Contact object, then select Page Layouts.

  4. Select Contact Layout.

  5. In the Contact Layout box, select Related Lists.

  6. Drag the Answers and Responses labels to the area below, then save your page layout. 

Use Salesforce IDs for Tracking and Personalization

We recommend including one or more Salesforce IDs such as Case ID or Contact ID as merge fields when you share your survey so you can associate survey response data with those points of contact, this allows you to associate Managed responses with an existing contact or case in Salesforce on a related list or with a lookup relationship.  

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