Getting Started with Dashboards

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GetFeedback Dashboards offer real-time insights into your survey results. With this feature you can:

  • Build personalized reporting dashboards in minutes.

  • Monitor trends in survey responses over time and across multiple surveys.

  • Use powerful filters to understand your feedback—no spreadsheets required.

The Basics of Dashboards

Getting Started

From the My Surveys homepage, click Dashboards in the left hand navigation.


Select New Dashboard on the dropdown menu of your Dashboards home screen. Next, select a survey question for your first tile.

To edit an existing dashboard, select it from the menu on the left side of the screen

Adding and Editing Tiles

A dashboard tile is a visual display of the results from a single survey question. A single dashboard can contain tiles which represent results from one or many surveys. Compare survey responses from different surveys side by side to review key results.

To edit a tile, click on the tile to activate it and select the ellipsis icon on the bottom left-hand side. Select Edit to open the customization menu for the dashboard tile.


Once you've selected a survey question, choose a Design option on the right-hand side. Switch between tile formats to see which one suits your needs.

Some GetFeedback questions have limited format options:

  • Multiple choice questions can only be displayed as a percentile donut.

  • Numerical questions (such as CSAT or NPS) can only be displayed as a numerical, trend-line, or percentile donut.

  • Rating questions only offer Numeric, Trendline, and Score-gauge.

  • Ranking, Form, and Image Upload questions aren't supported in Dashboards.

To delete a tile, click the bin icon on the bottom left-hand side of the menu. This will remove the tile from your dashboard. GetFeedback cannot recover a deleted survey tile.

Adjust your Dashboard Layout

If you’d like to adjust the layout of your tiles, you can use the crosshairs on the bottom left of each tile. Drag and drop the tile into any position in your dashboard.

Date Ranges

  • Choose all time to set the dashboard for the lifetime of your survey.

  • Set a time period like day, week, month, quarter, or year.

  • Select a set # of days like last day, last 7 days, last 30 days, last 90 days, or last 365 days.

  • Choose a Custom time period. This is the most flexible option and allows you to choose any date range that you’d like throughout the life of your survey.

GetFeedback calculates the score for Rating and NPS questions for the selected date range and compares them to the survey responses during the previous time period. You’ll see this score appear in red or green on the right-hand side of your dashboard tile.


Using Dashboard Filters

Filters allow you to view your response data based on the criteria you select.

You can filter dashboard tiles by:

  • Merge Field

  • Answer

  • Language

Within the "merge field" filters, you can base your filters on the following:

  • Is equal to

  • Is not equal to

  • Contains

  • Does not contain

  • Is blank

  • Is not blank

Within the "answer" filters, you can base your filters on the following:

  • Is equal to

  • Is not equal to

  • Is blank

  • Is not blank

Within the "language" filter, you can base your filters on the following:

  • Is equal to

  • Is not equal to

Let's imagine that you've asked 100 customers to rate your company on a scale of 0-10 using an NPS question. When you sent out the survey, you included a few merge fields to track the sales region, name and email address for each customer. When each customer responds, we'll collect their survey response along with their sales region, name, and email.


Pull this data into your dashboard by filtering the tile by the sales region merge field.

To filter Dashboard tiles by answer - search within your Short Answer responses for a specific keyword like 'support' or 'email.'


Here’s an example of a tile using an NPS question with an answer filter applied. This tile shows responses which mention 'support' in the follow-up question. We can see that 31% of those respondents were promoters, while 8% were detractors.


Use this filter to create a quick comment stream tile. Scan comments for specific keywords in Short Answer or Multiple Choice responses.

In this example, we've created a filter to show comments about our 'product.'


To remove a tile filter, edit the tile and click the X next to the filter you’d like to remove.

remove filter

Editing, Deleting, Sharing, and Copying your Dashboard

Select the dashboard you'd like to edit from the drop-down menu on the left-hand side of your screen. Click the gear shaped icon to access the edit menu - where you can edit, delete, share, or copy your dashboard. Choose Share Dashboard to provide a view-only version of your dashboard with your GetFeedback team members.


Sharing a Dashboard Externally

Share your dashboard with someone outside of GetFeedback, by clicking the arrow icon. Sharing your dashboard will give recipients view-only permissions.

Clicking this arrow will copy the shareable dashboard link.


Use merge fields to create a filtered link to share with others outside of your GetFeedback organization. Learn more about Filtered Dashboards feature when sharing your dashboard externally.


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